When you purchase a Stilofetti Gift Card, an email is sent with an attached PDF to be printed and delivered in person or sent directly to the recipient's inbox. From that moment the recipient has the possibility to use the credit contained in the Card for his purchases on

The advantages of the Gift Card

• Speed ​​of delivery: the Gift Card is sent quickly to the payee's inbox.

• Purchasing in full freedom: there is a double advantage. Full autonomy from the buyer who defines the value to be attributed to the Card between € 50 and € 999 and the cover image of the gift voucher. Total freedom for the beneficiary to use the value of the Gift Card to purchase according to their needs.

• Simplicity of use: the Gift Card replaces and / or can supplement the other payment methods and can be used several times until the contained value is exhausted.

• Validity: the Gift Card is valid for one year from the moment of creation. It can be used online and at our sales point

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