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Leonardo presents the new Dodici collection, a number closely related to three, like the three pens that make up this new line by Leonardo Officina Italiana inspired by the Italian tradition of faceted design pens. 

12 faces that enhance the shapes and angular geometry in a game of balance harmoniously linked to the concept of perfection inherent in the number 12.

 The Models:

Mosaic (LIMITED edition 100 pieces in total) with polychrome facets that enhance the geometric lines and whose colours recall the submerged mosaics of the Campi Flegrei seabed. The perfect harmony of the 12 faces, the marine-inspired colours and the energetic charge of a volcanic territory condensed into an instrument that offers a unique writing experience.

Vulcanica (numbered NON-limited edition) with an intense black that recalls the shiny colour of volcanic glass, a colour that sublimely enhances the faceted shapes and refined angles of the Dodici collection design. A perfection of angles and lines that, mixed with the energetic charge of the volcanic territories from which it draws its inspiration, offers an intense and unique writing experience.

Magmatica (NON limited numbered edition) with colours that recall the intense blue of the seabed and the dark nuances of the magmatic rocks that pour into it.  Magmatica as chaotic, indistinct as the natural forces that merge between sea and fire and find their balance in the seabed and its volcanic sediments. A balance that is reflected in the harmony of its twelve facets and in its elegant shapes that offer a unique writing experience.

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