Our Story

“Verba volant , scripta manent”

said the Romans, raising with this saying a monument to writing

It was thus that back in 1893 EMANUELE FETTI with license number 22 in hand, opened one of the oldest shops of this millenary city; he could not therefore find a place in Rome a few steps from the Pantheon in the most ancient heart of the eternal city. The articles at the time were very different from those of today, only a few years before exactly in 1883 Lewis Edson Waterman created the first fountain pens with the retracting pen (Safety). Fascinated by this fragrance of innovation, Emanuele had a greater incentive to continue his young activity on writing articles, thus joining the nibs, torches, postcards and a few reams of paper, the new discoveries. Years go by, so the son FRANCESCO FETTI moved to the second generation from the progenitor.

In the company's history of over 100 years, let's not forget a production bracket with the F.I.P.S (Fabbrica Italiana Penne Stilografiche) brand created by Francesco Fetti. Francesco's heir belongs to the company: his daughter LUCIA FETTI. From then on, in addition to the already existing writing brands, others joined: MONT BLANC, PARKER, SHEAFFER, PELIKAN, CROSS, CARAN d 'ACHE and in more modern times LAMY, CARTIER, DELTA, FABER CASTELL, COLUMBUS and VISCONTI; the handcrafted leather writing services were added to the sale, which over time furnished the most important tables of Italian politics and the offices of the most prestigious companies. Subsequently, leather work bags for both men and women were introduced to keep up with the times.

In 1985 the Company entered the Company's fourth generation, MARCO CARNEVALI, the son of Mrs. Lucia, bringing numerous innovations but always welcoming the most faithful and demanding customers in the refined shop with care and kindness.


Time runs, it never stops, so we get to the year 2013 of the 120th anniversary where it becomes part of the company, although very young the fifth generation: the Miss LETIZIA CARNEVALI daughter of Marco In these 120 years of history After that, there have been numerous awards to the company and numerous personalities who have honored us with their presence: Presidents of the Republic, political figures, numerous Italian and foreign actors, sportspeople, high Vatican personalities, so much so that at the beginning of 2012 they were donated to His Holiness Benedict XVI ° from Mrs. Lucia a pen numbered in only 80 copies dedicated to the Domus Aurea.

The staff of the company must always be in a position to give any technical explanation to our customers and at the same time understand the needs of customers to provide answers and appropriate solutions to the various problems. The shop, on the other hand, can always be considered a point of reference for collectors and lovers, providing the exclusive and well - equipped repair workshop for both vintage and modern pens.