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Visconti Galileo Galilei Limited Edition

This collection celebrates the life and legacy of one of the world's most influential scientists and intellectuals: Galileo Galilei.
Galileo Galilei, born in Pisa, Tuscany, on February 15th, 1564, was a pioneer of scientific inquiry, an astronomer, inventor, philosopher and writer.
He made significant contributions to the scientific method, improved the optical technology for telescopes and discovered many celestial objects, including the four largest moons of Jupiter, which he named after the Medici family of Florence.
The pen's body is made of aged Vermeil and demo resin, which allows the ink level and the unique filling system for this collection to be seen.
This system, a tribute to Galileo's technical genius, is similar to our Power Filler Double Reservoir, but without an external piston in the blind cap.
This makes refilling safer, cleaner, and more consistent with the pen barrel design.
Demo resin is a recurring element of this collection which also appears in the section and in the cap, providing a view of the 18kt gold palladium-plated nib.
The decorative elements of the pen recall the Baroque craftsmanship of Galileo’s time. In particular, thanks to the variety of materials used, antiqued vermeil and polished palladium, a subtle chiaroscuro effect is achieved.
The fine engravings of the demo moon phases and Florentine lilies further enhance this stunning design.
Not only is the Galileo Galilei pen itself a masterpiece of technical craftsmanship, but its desk set is equally exceptional.
It comes with a wooden case that reveals a unique stand for the pen, resembling a telescope pointing at the heavens.
The stand is modeled after the astrolabes that Galileo used, with a globe of the Earth orbiting a golden Sun.
Open the box to discover the universe at your fingertips.
The amazing starry night sky illuminated on the back wall of the box is created by a rechargeable led light strip reflecting off of a series of mirrors.
This is Visconti's unique homage to Galileo's contributions and innovations in astronomy and optics.

Visconti Galileo Galilei Limited Edition - details:
Edition: Galileo Galilei
Limited edition:188 fountain pens worldwide
Type: Fountain pen
COLOR: Aged gold
PEN BODY: Oversize
MATERIALS: Gilded Silver, Brass, Titanium,Transparent Acrilyc Resin
NIB: 18kt Gold nib available in EF, F, M, Broad and STUB.
FILLING SYSTEM FP: Power Filler Double Reservoir (new inverted filling system)
CLOSURE TYPE: Screw lock
METAL PARTS Silver, Brass, Titanium
METAL COATING Aged Yellow Gold, Palladium

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