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Visconti presents the 7th Edition of the Il Magnifico collection, in the elegant white and gold shades of the precious Italian marble Calacatta Macchia Oro, in a Limited Edition of 188 fountain-pen and 88 rollerballs. The Il Magnifico collection celebrates Lorenzo de Medici, the most powerful and energetic patron of Renaissance culture in Italy, as well as Lord of the Florentine Republic. As a patron of the arts, he is best known for his protection of artists of the calibre of Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo who, together with other great Renaissance artists, created exceptional works that sought technical perfection and the most prestigious materials.

This new Calacatta Gold edition is made from an exclusive white Carrara marble with golden veins, quarried in the Apuan Alps. Calacatta marble has been reserved throughout history only for the most prestigious designs and works of art, such as those of Michelangelo and Donatello. It is synonymous with luxury and refinement. In fact, its prestige is due both to its quality and allariness: its production in Carrara is limited and controlled like all the best Italian products. The pen is made of precious Carrara marble, yellow gold and brass, elements that blend elegantly thanks to the research of our craftsmen. The marble barrel is completed by a finely engraved case back decorated with traditional Florentine symbols, such as the famous fleur-de-lis. The same decorations can be found on the precious cap of the pen, which mounts a clip embellished with white enamel. All metal trimmings are made of yellow gold-plated brass, so as to blend perfectly with the warm golden tones of the marble. The same yellow gold finish is found on the precious Visconti nib in solid 18 carat gold.

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