Montegrappa, the first Italian manufacturer of precious writing instruments, was founded in Bassano del Grappa in 1912. Over a century of unmatched artisan skill has already passed for this prestigious brand, known worldwide for its creativity and its all-Italian style. Montegrappa produces writing instruments in the same historic building o...


Montegrappa, the first Italian manufacturer of precious writing instruments, was founded in Bassano del Grappa in 1912. Over a century of unmatched artisan skill has already passed for this prestigious brand, known worldwide for its creativity and its all-Italian style. Montegrappa produces writing instruments in the same historic building on the banks of the River Brenta. Originally known as ELMO, it has benefited from a group of local talents, a workforce able to produce meticulously crafted objects, style and craftsmanship, always focusing on excellence.

In 1930, the company flourished enjoying a golden period now appreciated for the elegance of the artifacts of the time. The products of the Bassano House meet the taste of an ever larger audience with a simple and elegant style, embellished and personalized by a varied choice of colors and materials.


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    Montegrappa Fortuna

    Fortuna was the Goddess of Fortune, the personification of luck according to the ancient Romans.
    Fortuna's identity as the embodiment of chance events was closely tied to virtus, or strength of character.
    Public officials who lacked this quality invited ill-fortune on both themselves and Rome.
    At Montegrappa, it is strongly believed that luck is indubitably linked to virtue, while education is the foundation onto which an individual develops and nurtures his or her innate talents.

    Montegrappa also believe that hand-writing is an essential element of the education process and an indispensable function, even in today’s hurried, digitized society. For this reason, Montegrappa pens has created the new Fortuna collection, with an eye to those who still indulge in the pleasure of writing. It is Montegrappa's wish that these pens will engender the good luck that they deserve.

    Fortuna is available as a fountain pen (cartridge/converter fed ), roller ball and twist-action ballpoint pen .
    It is offered exclusively in black resin, made personal by accents in a choice of three different trim finishes: palladium, rose gold or gun metal.


    Three versions of the Heartwood pen have been created to represent the range and variety of woods that hold special appeal for the connoisseur and the aesthete. The material is recognised globally as one mastered and elevated by Italian craftspersons. Montegrappa has embodied the gorgeous brown, black or tan hues of various woods in pen caps and barrels fashioned from organic wood materials, accented by brushed bronze-coloured trims. Most popular with Italian woodworkers, and found in furnishings, in boats and even musical instruments are woods with distinctive grains and colours. One pen is fashioned of the darkest teak, walnut provides a pen with a nutmeg colouring while pear wood delivers a reddish cast.

    The fountain pen cartridge filling systems.


    Montegrappa Silver Mule
    Using its modern classic, the Fortuna, as the base for an all-new model, Italy’s most revered manufacturer of writing instruments, Montegrappa, has released its second “mule”. Following the copper-clad Mule, launched last year and named after the famous cocktail, is the Silver Mule, an icy-cool, sleek alternative to the fiery warmth of its predecessor.
    Entirely silver-plated, the Silver Mule offers a uniquely tactile experience, as its complete surface area – cap, body and the trim – has been vertically brushed and thus afforded a whiff of antiquity. This complements the clean, minimalist form, which recalls spacecraft of 1950s science fiction book covers and dream architecture of the 1930s. This marriage of modern and retro endows the Silver Mule with unisex appeal, a blissful combination of both feminine and masculine qualities.
    To serve the widest audience, the Silver Mule will be offered in all three writing forms: fountain pen, rollerball and ballpoint. Fountain pen with nib steel, double cartridge loading system (Standard) or converter to charge the pen directly from the bottle


    "Parola" is the Italian term that is probably the most appropriate concept Montegrappa could invent to name its "entry level" pen collection. Parola pays, therefore, tribute to the importance of the "word." The Beatles sang: "Spread the word and be free." Thanks to the written and spoken word, humanity has evolved, becoming more refined and cultured society. The word is for communication what the air is for life: the essential element.

    With the Parola pen collection we witness an expansion of the category range, designed to appeal to the wider audience, through creating a writing instrument representing the ideal gift for the graduate who is about to start his career. Thanks to its attractive price, Parola could fascinate both corporate clients and the student too, serving as a “daily” pen as well as a gift to cherish


    The Parola minimalist look and the range of eye-catching colors are thought to suit all tastes. While presenting an elegant classic design, without any doubt a creation of Montegrappa, the Parola pen is at the same time young, vibrant and modern.

    Made in resin and sleek metal trim, Parola is available as a fountain, rollerball and a ballpoint pen, as well as mechanical pencil, in the brand-new shades of Crayon Pink, Amarone Red and Stealth Black.
    And as the Beatles sang "Now I understood: the word is right."


    Pens are personal, held in the hand – but not all hands are the same size. With the ever-increasing appeal of our entry-level, affordable staple, that modern classic called “Parola”, a need for a more compact version has emerged. Parola Slim represents a brand-new, slimmer form – to increase its suitability to the widest audience.


    Discreet and suitable for all attire, like Armonia and Felicità, the new Parola Slim is made with traditional black resin, with trim in either standard shiny stainless steel or  plush satin ruthenium.


    Joining the new Parola Slim is a deluxe Duetto version for those who yet wish to add a frisson of glamour, an extra hint of panache. Expanding the choices in the Parola Slim range, it is crafted with black resin for the barrel and a cap made entirely in satin stainless steel. A simple change of cap creates an entirely different attitude.


    As with all fine offerings from Montegrappa, the Parola Slim  and Parola Slim Duetto ranges will be available as fountain pen, rollerball and ballpoint pens. The Parola fountain pen is both cartridge- and converter-fed, and its steel nib


    Montegrappa Crowned Skull

    Montegrappa Announces Fortuna Skull 4.0!!!
    We at Montegrappa knew that the skull motif on or Fortuna Skull pens was popular- but we never expected it to create a cult!
    Demand has been so great that we have been encouraged to expand the family, with a new design adding an unexpected dimension to the lure of the Skull.
    Following the original, first-edition rock-metal Fortuna Skull in black resin and ruthenium trim, then the mystical Mexican version for Dia de Muertos, and the third to arrive, the Merry Skull hipster re-style in natural copper or tarnished silver, comes the 4th generation of Fortuna Skull: the Fortuna Crowned Skull – for romantics!
    Offered exclusively in black resin, the fourth version of the Fortuna Skull is embellished with so many symbols that owners will be discovering the tiny details long after the pen has grown to be a familiar extension of one’s means of expression.
    The cap and body of the pen are satin-finished to obtain a stylish, velvety matte look, not only soothing to the eye but comfortable to the touch.
    Its main design pattern is a prominent crowned skull on the cap, married to a body filled with romantic iconography, the roses and heart-shaped locks interspersed with the crossed bones associated with that most romantic of historical figures – the pirates that sailed the Seven Seas!
    These appear in glossy form, accentuating the matte background created by the satin surface of the resin.
    Adding to the luxurious feel of the pen are two significant details. In the crown of the king and queen Skull, which is engraved on the pen’s cap, are hidden two tiny red crystals.
    The hint of red embodies passion, underlining the spirit of the medieval romantics who inspired the latest Fortuna Skull.
    All trim is black ruthenium, while the cap top bears the Montegrappa 1912 monogram, representing the year of Montegrappa’s founding.

    The stainless steel nib of the fountain pen is decorated with the traditional Montegrappa octagonal etching, also bearing the brand’s logo.

    The new selection of Montegrappa Crowned Skull will consist of fountain, rollerball and ballpoint pens, with the fountain pen both converter or cartridge fed.


    When everything comes together “just so”, when all is right with the world, the condition is judged to be “harmonious”. Pen manufacturer Montegrappa has used this observation as the focal point for its new, entry-level writing instrument. Called “Armonia”, acknowledging its Italian roots, the pen embodies all that represents a perfect marriage of form and function … with flair.Armonia is a slim design of medium length, enabling it to suit the hands of both male and female owners. It also imparts a degree of subtlety and discretion, the pen encouraging the words that flow from it to do all the speaking. And while it is an affordable writing tool, it is also purely a product of Montegrappa, with cleanly-shaped barrel and cap in shiny, resin and stainless steel trim.Despite the simplicity, Armonia is rich in detail. Its embellishments include a circumferential band around the lower section of the cap, which is engraved with the “Montegrappa” signature. The cap is also adorned with the brand’s 1912 symbol. Its pocket clip is sinuous, ending in the company’s rolling-ball that ensures smooth ingress and egress from a pocket.Armonia is designed to serve all manner of writer, and is thus available in the three formats of fountain pen, rollerball and ballpoint, as preferred by the user. The fountain pen can employ both converter and cartridge filling systems.


    Almost one hundred years of craftsmanship and the passion and soul of an entire country come together in the vision that is Montegrappa NeroUno. The elegance of NeroUno lies in its minimalist simplicity, while subtle details echo the signature features of Montegrappa in a contemporary key.
    NeroUno pens feature the pocket clip with small rotating sphere and the iconic octagonal shape, emphasised by the original cap top and combined with the innovative design of the 18K gold nib.
    Each item in the NeroUno collection represents the ethos of Montegrappa – the essence of Italy in an objet d’art.


    Montegrappa Desiderio writing instruments are made in pearlised bi-colour resin with trim in sterling silver and a filigree-cut 18kt gold nib. No two are alike, just as all desires are unique, for the material that forms each cap and body possesses its own swirling pattern. Montegrappa’s signature octagon accents the top, while the rolling ball at the end of the pocket clip and a thin line around the cap are coloured to contrast with the body. Upon removing the cap, the second colour is also revealed at the writing end of the fountain or the rollerball pen.Montegrappa Desiderio is offered as a fountain pen in cartridge and converter-fed form, a rollerball and ballpoint pen.
    Each exists to express your yearnings and aspirations.


    The Ducale brand appears for the first time in the 1930s to mark the high-end pens of the Elmo line.the name drew inspiration from the famous Doge's Palace, one of the symbols of the city og Venice.The current Ducale collection consists of a foutain pen, a ballpoint pen a rollerball in resin. Agenerously-sized pen, perfectly balanced, the Ducale is a joy to hold and a joy with which to write.


    Featuring a shape that is classic Montegrappa, curvaceous yet sleekly contemporary, the Montegrappa Mule pen collection further displays its familial links with a cap top bearing the famous “1912” logo, while the nib is embellished with a filigree Montegrappa pattern. The cap and barrel are crafted in mirror-polished copper, further defined by a brushed silver-plated trim. The effect recalls the well-used, vintage piping and tubing employed in the process of producing grappa. Over the time, each Montegrappa Mule will acquire its own unique patina through handling by its fond owner, truly personalising the writing instrument. Easily recyclable, copper is a noble and hygienic metal that slows down the growth of germs. It is widely used in refined gastronomy and health equipment, as well as in architectural design and various artistic forms. Available in three versions, the Montegrappa Mule will suit the user of fountain, roller or ballpoint pens



    Its form is the essence of Montegrappa, characterised by the pen’s octagonal barrel and cap shape, a Montegrappa motif that continues to symbolise the brand.

    Material: Silver vermail 


    Montegrappa MIYA is made of celluloid. The real Central and finishes are made solid silver. The logo "1912" Hood head is shown. Available in ballpoint pens


    Free of frills, designed to exemplify an ideal form married to faultless
    functionality, and offered for maximum appeal at an accessible price point, MONTE GRAPPA is a traditional, piston-fed fountain pen, fitted with
    Montegrappa’s patented piston filling mechanism. The pen is made of a
    handsome resin, with all trim in stainless steel. It will be offered in a range of four colours: black, coral, lavender and navy blue.
    For those demanding a hint of added luxury, Monte Grappa will be available with a choice of nib materials. The user can specify a stainless steel nib, both etched with the signature Montegrappa “Filigree” pattern. The barrel itself is engraved with a vintage Montegrappa logo, with the name MONTE separated from GRAPPA by the silhouette of a mountain. The cap
    boasts a unique ring featuring an all-new, three-dimensional decoration.
    Retro has never been more appropriate. Or more timely.


    It has been one of Montegrappa’s greatest pleasures to be able to dedicate pen collections to specific professions. We are proud to announce a new pen celebrating the bravest of the brave: airplane pilots.

     To evoke the trappings of aircraft, the Aviator’s Pen is made entirely of aluminium. Its profile is rounded, to reflect the laws of aerodynamics, and inherent in every external component found in aircraft. The pen’s look therefore conveys the dynamism of flight, its curved pen barrel blending into a sharpened cap, conceived as a whole to resemble both aircraft and rockets.

     Adorning the entire body of the Aviator’s Pen are specific design details in the language of the aviation industry. Montegrappa’s artisans have finished the pen with “stitching”-style rows of “planks” secured with minuscule rivet heads, accompanied by fuel tank apertures, the “Remove before Flight” and “No Step” commands, etched along the pen in perfect relief. The signature clip bears a complex, technical design shape reminiscent of landing gear struts, with the classic Montegrappa rotating sphere re-imagined as a knurled ferrule.

     The Aviator’s Pen will be available in the three writing forms of fountain pen, rollerball and ballpoint. The fountain pen nib is made of stainless steel. Its filling system is both cartridge and converter fed.

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