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  • 753 TULLO OSTILIO...



    Made in collaboration with Leonardo Officina Italiana

    Now is the moment of the 3rd KING of ROME Tullo Ostilio Born in 710 a.c. and died in 641 BC at the age of 69, reigned for 32 years, from 673 BC, to 641°.C.

    Coming from the Luceres tribe, He was chosen by the senators because he was a Roman and his grandfather Osto Hostilius had fought with Romulus against the Sabines.

    TULLO OSTILIO was the builder of the Curia, the first seat of the Roman Senate, but he was also a warmongering king, as he wanted at all costs to enlarge ROME to the detriment of neighboring peoples, putting an end to the long period of peace of his predecessor NUMA POMPILIUS.

    Among his first measures we find the subdivision of the lands belonging to Romulus in favor of the propertyless Romans, allowing those who did not even have a house to build one on the Celian hill, thus gaining the support of the more popular classes.

    It was during his reign the epic clash between the 3 Roman brothers, the ORAZI and the three brothers of Albalonga, the CURIAZI to decide the winner between the 2 peoples. The battle was won by the 3 brothers of Rome, the ORAZI, Albalonga was subjected to Rome and its people were granted the territories on the Celian hill

    Legend has it that Tullus OSTILIUS was so busy in one war after another that he neglected all service to the deities. Precisely because of his lack of interest, the GODS unleashed a terrible plague that fell on the Roman people. Even Tullus OSTILIO was struck by it, so he prayed to Jupiter for his favor and help. The God's response was in a bolt of lightning that struck him, reducing both him and his domus to ashes. All after thirty-two years of reign.




    This time in the big version, with gold nib and exclusively piston filling. Super Limited version numbered in Roman Numerals. Only 7 worldwide . Made in collaboration with Leonardo Officina Italiana Rome was founded. it's time for Romulus' successor: NUMA POMPILIO. (754 BC – 673 BC) With him we finally see the birth of a village, which will soon become the most important city of its time. With Numa Pompilius, the city of Rome experienced the longest period of peace in its history: 41 years. Practically the entire duration of his reign! For this reason we have chosen to create the Numa Pompilius in mottled white, the symbol par excellence of peace and prosperity The body and cap of the pen are made of acrylic with steel trim. The nib bears the "753" logo, the date of birth of Rome.


    "Once upon a time..." The Montblanc Writers Edition Homage to the Brothers Grimm is dedicated to Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm and celebrates their work on German and European folktales, among which are some of the most famous fairy tales such as "Snow White", "Cinderella" and "Sleeping Beauty". The overall silhouette of the writing instrument is shaped like an old hiking stick, while the black color resembles the darkness of the woods which usually serve as the main stage for the Brothers Grimm’s folklore. In addition, the wave-like pattern on the cap and barrel is inspired by Rapunzel’s hair while also resembling roots, since the Brothers Grimm viewed their linguistic work as "research into roots". The cap is crowned by the Montblanc Emblem in precious resin. The platinum-coated clip, reminiscent of a knobby piece of wood, surprisingly reveals the silhouette of the profile of the Brothers Grimm when turned. As an homage to the magic of storytelling, the handcrafted Au 750 solid gold nib with rhodium coating bears the flames of a fire, which was often the setting where folklore stories were passed on.

  • MONTBLANC Around The...

    In celebration of the continuing voyage of Phileas Fogg, Montblanc presents the second Meisterstück Around the World in 80 Days collection. Comprised of the Resin Legrand & Classique, in Doué and Solitaire editions, and the Limited Edition 811, this collection is inspired by Mr. Fogg’s further adventures and his passion for discovery.


    The Montblanc Heritage Collection Rouge et Noir "Baby" celebrates the pioneering spirit and rich heritage of the Montblanc maison. Inspired by the original Montblanc "Baby" pens from the 1920’s, Montblanc reinterprets the then unexpected design and gives it a modern twist. The name "Baby" playfully describes its small size compared to other Montblanc writing instruments. Created in ivory-colored precious lacquer and with signature gold-coated fittings, it is crowned by a Montblanc emblem in precious resin surrounded by the coral hue of the Montblanc Rouge et Noir collection. The handcrafted Au 585 solid gold nib features a drawing of the Mont Blanc mountain. With signature gold and/or signature gold-coating, Montblanc describes the enlightened shade of yellow gold which has become an appreciated tone for the Maison’s Writing Instruments.


    The StarWalker collection is about walking amidst the stars. It's about exploring the cosmos and foreign galaxies, about being part of one of the most mysterious and powerful of humankind’s adventures: space exploration. The StarWalker BlackCosmos collection depicts the depth of space through the shiny black precious resin and the black PVD-coated fittings. The patented StarWalker emblem technology features a gray translucent dome, beneath the floating Montblanc emblem

  • MONTBLANC Great...

    In 2022, Montblanc honors one of the most celebrated musicians of the 20th century who is widely regarded as one of the most influential electric guitarists in the history of popular music: Jimi Hendrix. Made from precious resin, the off-white color of the cap and its engraved pattern is inspired by one of the guitar straps worn by Hendrix, while the black barrel features an elegant pattern resembling a WAH pedal. The platinum-coated clip is angled to resemble the vibrato bar of an electric guitar. The Montblanc emblem on the cap top is made from precious resin. Another striking detail is the platinum-coated barrel ring which draws inspiration from a 1960´s guitar cable - it is engraved with the date of a famous Jimi Hendrix concert.

  • Pelikan Souverän M1000...

    The Raden Red Infinity uses the same techniques previously employed on the Green Ray and White Ray all-be-it to a much different effect. The product literature indicates that the Red Infinity uses colorful pieces of pearlescent Australian abalone shell, particularly those pieces that skew towards a green hue. A urushi lacquer is used to create the red color scheme to which silver colored powder is then applied before the rectangular sections of abalone are laid down. The whole thing is then sealed with additional coats of lacquer. Based off of the M1000 chassis, that gives the artists a big canvas to work off of. The section is not red like the rest of the elements but instead made from black resin. Just behind the section sits a dark green ink view window. Rounding out the look is the standard gold-plated furniture of the Souverän line which consists of a beak clip, two trim rings at the piston knob, two cap bands, and a single trim ring at the section.  The furniture appears to be done in the traditional Souverän style and not the revised trim style that we saw with the new m800 Green The cap top sports Pelikan’s single chick logo plated in gold.  Every Red Infinity will come equipped from the factory with a two-tone 18C-750 gold nib in a medium width. Because it is a standard M1000 nib, some retailers will swap in another size upon request, or you may do so after the fact.  These have always come packaged in a traditional Japanese gift box made of Paulownia wood therefore I expect the same to hold true here.

    Only 400 pieces have been made for worldwide distribution therefore availability will be very limited. This is the same limitation that we’ve seen with other Raden releases in the last several years


    Pelikan Maki-e Snow, Moon and Flowers

    Maki-e is the art of Japanese Lacquer painting and is renowned for its beauty and artistry.
    The Pelikan “Snow, Moon and Flowers”Maki-e fountain pen uses Togidashi-Taka-Maki-e that combines both Taka-Maki-e and Togidashi-Maki-e techniques.
    Pelikan “Snow, Moon and Flowers“ refers to winter snow, autumn moon, and spring flowers, which are natural beauties in three of the four seasons of Japan, and also conveys the tenderness in the scenery.
    In addition, it has become a symbolic foundation that supports the aesthetic life of the Japanese people with a calm and peaceful state of mind.
    “Snow, Moon and Flowers” has been used in various poems and lyrics in praising the beautiful landscapes that strike people’s hearts.

    On the fountain pen, snow crystals, full moon and cherry blossoms are painted on the background and sprinkled with gold powder.
    The motif fantastically expresses the beautiful four seasons of Japan in fascinating details.
    The Pelikan “Snow, Moon and Flowers” Maki-e fountain pen is a masterpiece that combines the craftsmanship of Pelikan Germany based on over 180 years of tradition and technology coupled with superior Japanese traditional Maki-e painting techniques.
    Each pen has the Pelikan logo on the crown, a limited edition number, and the artist’s signature drawn in by hand using Maki-e techniques.

    The edition “Snow, Moon and Flowers” is limited to 123 pieces worldwide.

    Each fountain pen is equipped with an 18 carat, two-tone gold nib and is encased in a traditional Japanese pen box made of paulownia wood.
    The writing qualities are carefully checked and tested by hand before it comes to you.


    George Parker believed it was always possible to make a better pen. This prompted him to found Parker in 1888, and it is the philosophy that still motivates Parker today. For 135 years Parker has built a legacy of craftsmanship, innovation and quality and it is this commitment that has made the Parker name synonymous with excellence in prestige writing. Parker's craftsmanship is exemplified by the finest details, such as the characteristic Parker arrow clip, 18K solid gold nibs and the hand assembly of its most iconic writing instruments, such as the Parker Duofold. In 2023, we plan to celebrate this milestone with a year-long, 360-degree communications campaign celebrating 135 years of Parker craftsmanship and expertise.

    SPECIAL EDITION Special Edition Gift Set In honor of the 135th anniversary, Parker proudly presents this Duofold Edition Gift Set special. This set includes: - a large Centennial fountain pen with barrel and cap in black precious resin embellished with an exclusive 135th anniversary inscription on the barrel and on the jewel on the cap. Rhodium-coated 18-karat solid gold nib, two-tone - a genuine leather case - a bottle of Quink black ink - A special edition Parker brochure The set is presented in an edition gift bag special.

  • WATERMAN MAN 140...


    On the occasion of Waterman's 140th anniversary, the iconic Man 100 pen is relaunched in an even more powerful version, the Man 140, in an exclusive limited edition of 400 numbered pens.
    .While many of the iconic features will sound familiar, it's the aesthetic. monochrome and completely black of this extraordinary fountain pen to make it of great impact.

    The matt black, the metal frame with an intricate cut contrast and elegantly complete the polished resin base, while the 18-carat gold nib, With its updated two-tone design in gold and ruthenium, it integrates seamlessly with original features, such as the iconic two-pointed clip and the integrated "W" of the cap.

    Still revered by collectors today, the Man 100 was first launched in 1983,
    to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the company. The Man was aimed at wealthy connoisseurs
    who did not have the courage to point out their refinement and their superior taste. This
    sought-after brand returns now to celebrate Waterman's 140th anniversary with the model
    Man 140

    Keeping the most iconic elements of the original, such as the tubular and decisive shape, this
    Limited edition pen incorporates an impressive, yet elegant metal cage design
    cut with a fluid wave pattern - "The Fenced Wave".
    Each pen, presented in a luxurious black Man 140 Limited Edition gift box,
    is meticulously handmade

    Man 140 Limited Edition, is meticulously
    hand-assembled in the brand's Centre of Excellence in France, to showcase
    Waterman's savoir-faire.

  • PELIKAN Classic 200...


    Classic M200 Pastel-Blue

    The Classic Series 200 fascinates by its soft pastel-blue appearance, reminding of the open blue sky. The delicate, light blue hue alternates through the pearl effect in the material, resulting in ever new color impressions. The Pelikan-characteristic material is slightly transparent, allowing a view on the inside of the fountain pen. In combination with the white precious resin and the gold-plated decorative elements, a balance between classic design it carries away your imagination. The series is available as a piston fountain pen and retractable ballpoint pen with gold-plated decorative elements such as clip and rings. The fountain pen with its stainless steel nib, which is also gold-plated, offers a soft writing feeling depending on the desired nib width EF, F, M, B. This series is a new collector’s item in a bright color world of the Classic series and it is a treasure for every fountain pen lover. Whether as a gift for yourself or a loved one, this series awakens the feeling of „must-have“

  • Leonardo Momento...

    Leonardo Momento Magico Pithecusa

    Produced from solid bar, entirely produced in Italy, the Momento Magico collection by Leonardo officina italiana is enriched by a new and fresh color: Pithecusa
    Today, this fountain pen contains pure magic; our magic liquid is the ink that can tell ancient and modern stories. Recalling the splendors of the period between 900 and 700 B.C., a time when Hellenic culture left an important imprint on Italian territory as well, just as it did on the present-day Island of Ischia whose ancient name, Pithecusa, precisely was chosen to celebrate a historical era that is still able to evoke beauty and emotions.

    Leonardo PithecusaMomento Magico, features elegant lines, with a clip and washer in perfect vintage style, and in this case the addition of the central metal band engraved with a three-dimensional pantograph gives life to a novel model.
    The central band features a stylized Wave pattern, the curves reminiscent of the continuous motion of the sea and the dunes of the sandy beaches of the island of beauty.

    The transparent window on the pen body indicates the ink level.
    The integrated piston filling system has an ink capacity of 1.5 ml and is entirely manufactured in Leonardo workshops.
    You can choose you Leonardo Pithecusa in Rose gold, Gold and Silver trim.

    Leonardo Momento Magico Pithecusa - details:
    Brand: Leonardo
    Model: Momento Magico
    Color: Pithecusa
    Filling system: Piston
    Steel nib assembled with ABS feed available in EF, F, M, B, Stub1.5, elastic EF, elastic F
    Gold nib assembled with ebonite black feed available in EF, F, M, B, Stub1.1, elastic EF, elastic F
    Length: 145mm
    Body length: 132mm
    Pen weight: 23.8 grams
    Diameter of cap: 15,4mm
    Diameter of grip section: 10,9mm


    One of the best known and most appreciated materials of our friend Jonathon Brooks is definitely the Bohemian Twilight, we chose it to dress our new Supernova 2023 - Integrated piston mechanism. A very ambitious project that combines 2 realities related to the world of writing instruments, Leonardo officina italiana and Jonathon Brooks (in our opinion) currently one of the authors of the most eccentric and unique resins in the world. Supernova 2023 - the collection - Limited edition /199 fountain pens A new explosion of color and a new design. For the new "Supernova" version we have made a substantial change to the section between the pen body and the transparent chamber which signals the ink level, the diameter change is no longer sharp but curved and soft in the handle. Turned from solid bar, available in 4 different metal finishes: rose gold, silver, yellow gold and ruthenium. Supernova 2023 details: · Bohemian twilight material Ebonite feeder (produced in our workshops) Gold nib  - Elastic EF and Elastic F Transparent window on the section that indicates the ink level inside the tank Built-in piston mechanism, huge 1.5ml capacity. Possibility of disassembly with our key (sold separately), all entirely produced in our workshops. · Each Supernova pencil case includes a bottle of ink.

  • MONTEGRAPPA 007...


    INSIDE THE EDITION Designed and crafted to celebrate 60 years of James Bond films, specifications for the 007 Spymaster Duo are suitably impeccable .Concealed in a ‘false’ upper barrel, a set of 007 cufflinks can be accessed via a special locking mechanism and dummy blind cap. A revolutionary Swift-Shot mechanism turns fountain pen refilling into a ritual. Brass ink capsules use Power-Push hydraulic action and a custom-built reloading pipette .

    PACKAGING A custom case includes secret compartments and a journal. Alongside Swift-Shot accessories, fountain pens are supplied with two bottles of 007-branded ink


    Italy’s quintessential writing silhouette combines first-class componentry with timeless proportions. Rarely in the Extra’s history has its determination to excel been better expressed.Set into the clip, a lone diamante symbolises the creative lifeblood that fuels personal rebirth. A grip section carved from veined Montegrappite artisanal resin offers the sensation of total control.The edition’s intricate, full-body tattoo is achieved using advanced, multi-axis engraving. Encased entirely in sterling silver, hand-tarnishing and satin-finishing leave a subtle ‘worn-in’ effect.Editions of 333 fountain pens and rollerballs reference the Angel Number: a sign to embrace individuality and forge ahead in search of acceptance and love.

    Material:Montegrappite Artisanal Resin, Cubic zirconia, Sterling Silver 925
    Trim:Sterling Silver 925
    Nib:18k Gold
    Filling System:Piston
    Included:Ink Bottle (50ml)
    Length:138 mm
    Diameter:16.6 mm
    Weight:74.50 gr

    The new Magnum stands out due to its changed design language. A round cap shape and a black inlay with the count's coat of arms at the end of the cap characterize the design of the series. The heart of the writing instruments is the barrel made of Caucasian walnut wood, which is characterized by its deep brown grain, its resilience and its velvety feel. The differences in color and structure of the precious wood manufactured in the fountain pen, rollerball pen, ballpoint pen and pencil make each pen unique.


    • Barrel made of individually grained walnut wood
    • platinum-plated metal parts
    • Solid, spring-loaded clip
    • Handmade, magnum-sized, bicoloured 18-carat gold nib
    • Run in by hand
    • Fountain pen available in 6 different nib widths: M (medium), F (fine), EF (extra fine), B (broad), OM (left slend/medium), OB (left slend/broad)
    • Cartridge-converter system
    • Converter included
    • Overall dimension: 168mm x 16mm
    • Weight: 70g
    • Elegant, wooden gift box included
  • Cross 175th...

    A ballpoint to commemorate the Cross brand crafting pens since 1846
    Cross is celebrating their 175th anniversary in signature style. The new special-edition 175th Anniversary Collection reflects our heritage of best-in-class craftsmanship, innovative design and superior writing performance. Featuring the icons of the Cross brand in collectible finishes, the anniversary line is an exciting choice for pen connoisseurs, cross loyalists and discerning gift givers. It merges past, present and future, with the vintage Cross design elements with modern functionality and finishes.



    The iconic Divina collection, with its distinctive spiral shape, is reinterpreted in an elegant and understated total matt black version.


    Featuring a 14 kt gold nib and Pull & Turn filling system, the Divina Matte fountain pen offers a smooth and enjoyable writing experience, perfect for everyday use.


    • Type: Fountain Pen
    • Colour: Black
    • Pen body: Over
    • Material: Acrylic resin
    • Nib: Au 14kt (big)
    • Nib Tip: EF / F / M / B / S
    • Nib colour: Ruthenium
    • Filling: Pull & Turn Piston
    • Closure type: Hook safe lock
    • Metal fittings: Ag925
    • Finishing: Rhutenium

  • LAMY SAFARI 2023

    LAMY Safari 2023

    LAMY safari: springgreen, aquasky and lightrose.
    The design classic LAMY safari in fresh, radiant pastel colours: the gloss finish works beautifully with this Special Edition colour spectrum in springgreen, aquasky and lightrose, exuding lightness and pure joie de vivre.
    Writing with an instrument in energetic 'springgreen', the colour the same power and strength of nature coming back to life after winter.
    A writing instrument in 'aquasky' carries our thoughts into the vastness of a brilliant blue sky and has us floating among the clouds.
    With the warm pink tone 'lightrose' ideas bloom like spring blossoms on the tree.

    The Special Edition LAMY safari range in springgreen, aquasky and ligthrose includes fountain pens, ballpoint pens and rollerballs.

    LAMY Safari 2023 - details
    Brand: Lamy
    Model: Safari
    Edition: 2023
    Filling System: Cartridge/converter (not included)
    Lenght 14,4 cm
    Diameter 1,2 cm
    Weight 16 grammi
    Designer:  Wolfgang Fabian.

  • LAMY AL STAR Glossy...

    Lamy Al Star Glossy Red FP Pen set with Notebook

    Expressive colour blocking sets the Special Edition Set LAMY AL-star glossy red apart.

    The popular LAMY AL-star fountain pen is now available in the innovative colour combination of glossy signal red with a neon yellow transparent grip and an ink feed in orange.
    A real statement piece. The LAMY AL-star series stands for lightness, individuality and versatility.
    Made of durable aluminium and available in a wide range of colours, this classic from Lamy is an ideal writing companion for every day.
    Expressive and full of energy: the body of the Special Edition radiates its strong red with maximum shine thanks to a fine coat of clear lacquer.
    The grip in neon yellow provides an exciting counterpoint. It is transparent, which is a classic feature of the LAMY AL-star series.

    This gives a clear view of the orange ink feed, a first for Lamy, making it the highlight of this Special Edition.
    The special impact that this colour combination offers is shown to best advantage when used with inks of similar colours in orange, yellow or red tones - such as the special "mango" colour, which is also supplied.
    It really makes the ink feed within the transparent grip stand out. Anyone who prefers to write with classic ink colours such as blue or black can simply switch to the alternative grip with black ink feed supplied.
    Perfectly matched to the LAMY AL-star glossy red, in addition to the special "mango" coloured ink: a matching LAMY paper A5 notebook in the same colours.

    Like all LAMY paper notebooks, it has pages of fountain-pen-friendly paper with the classic LAMY ruling, a loop for the writing instrument and an elastic closure band.
    The pages of this special model are supplemented by a practical coloured index.

    Lamy Al Star Glossy Red FP Pen set with Notebook - details:
    Brand: Lamy
    Model: al-star
    Edition: Glossy Red
    Type: Fountain pen
    Nib: Steel available in EF,F,M,A,B,LH
    Filling system: cartridge/converter (not included)

    Lamy Al Star Glossy Red FP Pen set with Notebook - measures:
    Length when is closed: 14,2cm
    Length posted: 17,4cm
    Weight: 22gr

    Lamy Al Star Glossy Red being a special edition, it will be available for a limited time.


    Guilloche Black Edition

    The Guilloche series owes its name to the grain guilloche, an elaborate engraving that allows the surface relief to change depending on the incidence of light. Now it presents itself in a completely new, noble all-black look: the dark precious resin barrel is framed by black, high-gloss metal parts, which are provided with a particularly resistant PVD coating of titanium and give the writing instruments depth and elegance at the same time. 


    Ecridor Venetian Gift Set - the elegance of hand-crafted jewellery

    Caran d’Ache unveils Ecridor Venetian. A pair of writing instruments boasting a finely hammered effect, creating a play of light that only Caran d’Ache has the secret. A true Caran d’Ache classic, the Ecridor Collection is characterised by the elegance, timelessness and durability of its instruments. From their hexagonal shape to the authentic style and unrivalled reliability, these instruments are the result of an unfailing desire to combine the art of guillochage with Swiss precision.

    With Ecridor Venetian, the master craftsmen at Caran d’Ache have fashioned two elegant creations, each accompanied by its black leather case with matching silver or bronze inner – a must have for the fine writing’s aficionados and fans of unique items and contemporary design.

    SPECIAL EDITION Souverän® 800 Green Demonstrator

    Experience the return of the fountain pen Souverän 800 Green Demonstrator with our new Special Edition! This apple-green fountain pen with demonstrator properties brings positive energy to every fountain pen collection. Some collectors will recognize this extraordinary pen as it reminds of its predecessor from 1992. However, the new edition is not identical to the fountain pen from the 90’s. The new details make it a real eye-catcher. A special mention deserve the one-piece cap ring and filling knob ring with shiny and satined

    surface optics, giving it an extraordinary look. As usual, the fountain pens of this Souverän series M800 Green Demonstrator are made of high quality components. The rings and the traditional beak like clip are finished with 24-karat gold and the 18-carat bi-color gold nib with rhodium decor crowns the fountain pen. The green-transparent parts allow a view on the ink level and the piston mechanism. The Souverän series is available exclusively as a fountain pen, with a choice of EF, F, M or B nib widths. The pens are supplied in a gift box (G30). As a suitable companion we recommend the Edelstein Ink Aventurine.

  • Visconti Homo Sapiens...

    Visconti Homo Sapiens Lotus Garden Limited Edition

    The Lotus-Garden is a perfect inspiration for 2023 Homo Sapiens Demonstrator collection launching this January. A new beginning, rebirth, strength and purity
    come to mind as we imagine this exquisite flower of the lotus plant, with its roots latched in mud, submerged every night in river water, miraculously re-blooming the next morning sparklingly clean.
    The power of creation is in its DNA, just as it is in ours: Homo Sapiens, the Wise Human.
    Lilac, white and green, the colors of the flower and its leaves, are accented by this year’s new black trim, which recalls the flower’s reflection in dark pond water, adding to its mystery.
    This impeccably hand-crafted pen with its finely detailed metal fittings is a prestigious addition to our HS demonstrator collection.

    Visconti Homo Sapiens Lotus Garden - Details:
    Brand: Visconti
    Model: Homo Sapiens
    Edition: Lotus Garden
    Type: Fountain Pen
    Material: Semi-transparent resin
    Trims: Brass PVD
    Nib: Oversize 18K gold nib
    Filling system: Power Filler Double Reservoir
    Limited Edition: 888 pieces


    Moody metal finishes and a modern ‘stadium’ crown complete a silhouette destined to change the tempo of writing instrument design. QUATTRO combines incisive steel trims, refined metal finishing and sapphire crystal in a fusion of uncompromising strength. Take it for a spin in factory-standard settings, or test the QUATTRO Custom in a range of muscular finishes and thrilling colour options.

    Material:Sapphire, Stainless Steel, Resin
    Trim:IP Palladium
    Nib:14k Gold
    Filling System:Cartridge, Converter
    Included:2 x Cartridges, Converter
    Length:143 mm
    Weight:34.00 gr

    Armonia distils the essentials of Montegrappa style and performance into a silhouette for all lifestyles. Slender, spritely, and typically refined, it combines class and convenience to bring joy wherever it goes. Armonia distils Montegrappa Classic design codes into compact form, offering hallmark, handcrafted styling to a wide variety of writers, budgets and hand-types. Achieve harmony with a palette of modern chromatic acrylics. Five fresh colours combine with a shiny, palladium-plated brass clip to deliver presence that pops. It’s impossible to put a price on harmony. Rollerball and ballpoint options are appointed to become your next premium pen – or maybe someone else’s first

  • TIBALDI N60 Zazou Green

    Tibaldi Modello 60 Zazou Green

    A comforting déjà-vu of braces, grease & rockabilly that lures the captiveflashback dandy inside you. Here is what the N°60 pen model is.
    A writing accessory with stylish institutional stiffness and the usual evergreen iconic signature traits, thoroughly sartorial and surely the ultimate finishing touch to your power suit.
    Our restyle collection bids on pearly “all eyes on me” color resins paired with tie clips and threesome band-stripes for a full-swing pen-à-porter effect.
    Fountain, rollerball and ballpoint pens are just a natural part of your wardrobe, add the missing swing fever to it - get the number right!

    Tibaldi Modello 60 ZAZOU GREEN - dettagli:
    Brand: Tibaldi
    Model: 60
    Type: Ballpoint Pen , Roller and Fountain pen
    Color: ZAZOU GREEN
    Nib: Steel available in EF,F,M and B.
    Filling System: cartridge/converter (included)
    Metal trims: Gold plated

  • Lamy AL-Star 2023...

    Lamy AL-Star 2023 Petrol & Lilac

    Lamy presents two new Al-star colors: Petrol & Lilac
    Those who use the LAMY AL-star appreciate the extraordinary lightness of its robust yet durable material.
    Its transparent grip also supplies a revealing look at the inner workings of the ink feed.
    A combination of materials which unites robustness and elegance, this series offers plenty of surprises with special editions in modern, lifestyle-oriented colours – inspiring writers to show their contemporary individuality with this accessory.
    Sturdy, long-lasting stainless steel nib for pleasant and even ink flow.
    Available in many different widths: Extrafine, Fine, Medium, A, LH, Broad and the stub 1.1mm , 1.5mm and 1.9 mm.

    Lamy Petrol & Lilac Special edition - details:
    Brand: Lamy
    Model: AL-Star
    Edition: Petrol & Lilac
    Year: 2023
    Type: Ballpoint Pen, Roller, Fountain Pen
    Nib: Steel available in Extrafine, Fine, Medium, A, LH, Broad and the stub 1.1mm , 1.5mm and 1.9 mm.
    Filling system: Lamy cartridge T10 / Lamy Converter (not included)
    Diameter of barrel:12.3mm
    Diameter of grip: 8.9mm
    Pen Length without cap:12.9 cm
    Length closed: 13.9 cm
    Length Posted:16.4 cm
    Weight: 23 grams

  • Aurora Il Viaggio...

    Aurora Il Viaggio Segreto in Italia Limited Edition

    We will bring you on a journey along our peninsula to introduce you to amazing and unusual places.
    We will take you to the most hidden places of our magnificent Italy, discovering the Secret and the traditions of 8 Italian cities through Exclusive Limited Editions.

    THE NEW AURORA LIMITED EDITION - Il Viaggio Segreto in Italia
    8 places
    88 shape
    888 pieces

    The Collection arises from the scrupulous search for cities and their musicality, to give you the most unique writing experience.
    The main sense and synaesthesia of this collection is HEARING.
    Each city is accompanied by its distintic music that will make you experience the atmosphere of the place, through a QR code inserted inside the precious box.

    Each Limited Edition is also enriched by a precious watercolored bookmark, which like a postcard remains in memory of the fabulous journey.

    The first stop on the Secret Journey to Italy is Matera.
    Known throughout the world for the famous Stones called Sassi, not everyone knows,that there is a large underground water tank in the city called “Palombaro Lungo”.
    This is the real secret of this city, the large underground cistern that supplied the city with water and which was entirely carved by hand in the soft sedimentary rock, rich in fossil shells.

    The second stop on the Secret Journey to Italy is Volterra.
    Volterra, known to the ancient Etruscans as Velathri or Vlathri and to the Romans as Volaterrae, is a town and comune in the Tuscany region of Italy. The town was a Bronze Age settlement of the Proto-Villanovan culture,and an important Etruscan center (Velàthre, Velathri or Felathri in Etruscan, Volaterrae in Latin language), one of the "twelve cities" of the Etruscan League.

    The third stop of the Secret Journey to Italy is Baia, Naples.
    Baia, known as Atlantide Italiana is an ancient submerged Roman city where are remains of domus and villas, thermal areas, mosaics and extraordinary testimonies.
    Submerged over the centuries, Baia was a privileged holiday resort of the Roman aristocracy and the imperial family until the third century AD.
    This is the real Secret of Baia.

    Aurora Il Viaggio Segreto in Italia - details:
    Brand: Aurora
    Model: 88
    Series: Il Viaggio Segreto in Italia
    1st Edition: Matera
    2nd Edition: Volterra
    3rd Edition: Baia di Napoli

    Nib: 18k
    Filling system: Piston
    Limited Edition: 888 fountain pens


    Stipula Adagio is a collection of writing instruments made with translucent faceted resins. It's comes from the praise of the slowness that in great music takes its name "Adagio". A slow and relaxed time that reconciles with reflection and calmness.

    The piston filler mechanism of this Stilpula Adagio fountain pen features a fixed piston operated by the rotating knob located on body. Cap and body have eight facets, with resin materials rich of colors and shading.


    The Limited Edition Conklin 125th Anniversary Mark Twain Crescent Filler fountain pen features the distinctive and unique crescent filler design originally patented by Founder Roy Conklin from Toledo, Ohio in 1897. The company's introduction of the first self-filling pen brought business success, and the approval of author Mark Twain, who became the official spokesperson for the Conklin brand.

    In celebration of the 125th year of this iconic pen design, Conklin introduces the 125th Anniversary edition of the beautiful Mark Twain Crescent Filler fountain pen. Limited to just 898 fountain pens, the anniversary edition brings a fresh, invigorating look with chrome-plated solid brass elegantly engraved with Conklin's iconic chased pattern across the barrel and cap. Each pen is engraved with Mark Twain's signature. Limited edition numbers are tastefully engraved along the bottom of the cap.

    Each Conklin 125th Anniversary Mark Twain Crescent Filler fountain pen is fitted with a Jowo stainless steel nib and is packaged in a luxury gift box.


    The orterra was born as a tanker to trade between Spain and Italy. In memory of these courageous enterprises, through the supervision and approval of the Arditi Incursori
    Marina National Association, the "OLTERRA" automatic watch was created, a diver up to a thousand meters deep.
    with steel case, 120 clicks unidirectional rotating bezel, double sealing o-ring, automatic helium ejection
    valve, anti-reflective sapphire crystal, shaded dark dial, "torpedo" spheres. Diameter 45 mm

  • Kaweco Original 0250

    Kaweco Original

    Original by Kaweco, a completely new pen series!
    The new Kaweco Original impresses with its elegant lines and distinctive design.
    The matte black look of the body creates great exclusivity.
    The purist design of the writing instruments harmonises wonderfully with the solid aluminium body, the chrome-plated elements and highly scratch-resistant anodisation.
    You can individualise your pen by choosing the nib you like best.

    Kaweco Original design consists of two different fountain pens, 1 is the Oroginal 060 and 1 is the Original 250.
    The Kaweco Original 060 fountain pen is smaller in length, thinner and lighter than the larger Original 250.
    The 060 fountain pen fits a #5 size steel nib.
    The 060 fountain pen fits a #6 size steel nib.
    060 and 250 use international-size ink cartridge. 
    Both the pens are usable with the Kaweco converter (sold separately).

    While the basic shape was based on writing instruments from the late 50s, the octagonal shape breathes the typical Kaweco product DNA into the Original.
    Especially the grip section makes the writing instrument clearly recognisable, as it is convex compared to other Kaweco series.



    When the two Maisons reinvent their collaboration with six new 849s:
    bold two-tone colour combinations!

    Ever further – that’s where Paul Smith and Caran d’Ache want to go by reinventing their collaboration. Renewal characterised by boldness and innovation, always at the forefront of creativity. For this 4th partnership, the iconic English designer dresses the icon of Swiss writing in new clothes. Six 849s in two-tone combinations. Original, daring.

    Reflecting all the expertise of Caran d’Ache, this collection brings 12 different colours to its iconic pens as well as to the metal boxes. Portable and reusable, the colours of the boxes reproduce those of the 849 nestling inside. A timeless collection, desirable and edgy: good luck choosing!

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