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  • 753 ROMOLO IL I RE...


    THE 7 KINGS OF ROME ROMOLO THE FOUNDER OF ROME RELEASE. In only 100 copies worldwide in a limited and numbered version

    The first of 7 pens with a yearly release dedicated to the 7 KINGS OF ROME
    Distributed in exclusive by Stilo Fetti and produced by
    Leonardo Officina Italiana .
    Realized only in the Fountain pen version, The pen is Dedicated to the Great founder of Rome “ROMOLO” THE KING. The material used is a special acrylic with gold laminated finishings. The red-brown colour of the pen recalls the colour of the ground that extended alongside the river Tiber. A limited version numbered in Roman letters, the nib is flexible gold steel with different types of measure. Extra fine, fine, medium, broad and stub.
    There is a Double loading system: cartridge ( Standard type Pelikan ) or manual plunger fully twisting the end of the pen barrel.
    The release of each pen is foreseen on April 21 of each year, being the date of the birth of Rome.

    I RE :    ROMOLO                           21 April 2021
    II RE :   NUMA POMPILIO                21 April 2022
    III RE:  TULLO OSTILIO                  21 April 2023
    IV RE:   ANCO MARCIO                   21 April 2024
    V RE:    TARQUINO PRISCO             21 April 2025
    VI RE:   SERVIO TULLIO                  21 April 2026 
    VII  RE: TARQUINIO IL SUPERBO     21 April 2027
  • Montblanc Writers...

    The Montblanc Writers Edition Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Limited Edition, is dedicated to one of the most renowned crime novelists and originator of the famous consulting detective Sherlock Holmes. Made from blue-grey precious resin, the edition evokes the sinister, foggy atmosphere of London, where Sherlock Holmes usually solves his cases. The cap and barrel of this edition are decorated with a plaid pattern in reference to Holmes’ coat, as well as parts of a historic London city map. The initials JB are found beneath the PVD-coated, magnifying glass-shaped clip in an homage to Joseph Bell: the very real man behind the Sherlock Holmes character. The Montblanc Emblem in precious resin crowns the cap of the edition. The handcrafted Au 750 solid gold nib is engraved depicting flying dinosaurs from “The Lost World” around the portrait of the father of “Professor Challenger” and “Sherlock Holmes”.


    Fascinated by the evolving transport possibilities of the Victorian era, Jules Verne wrote Around the World in Eighty Days in 1872, and it was translated into English in 1973. In the novel, Phileas Fogg bets his entire fortune that he can depart from London by train at 8.45 pm on 2 October, travel the world via Suez, Bombay, Hong Kong, Yokohoma, San Francisco, New York, and finish in the same place, at the same time, on 21 December. Jumping from steamers to trains – and at one point, an elephant – Fogg proves that almost anything is possible when one’s mind is set on something.

    To celebrate the pioneering spirit of Phileas Fogg, Montblanc presents the new Montblanc Meisterstück Around The World in 80 Days collection, comprising of the Le Grande & Classique, Doué and Solitaire editions.

    The new Meisterstück Around The World in 80 Days Le Grand & Classique brings to life the fantastical story of Phileas Fogg’s world circumnavigation. Reflecting Fogg’s journey across vast stretches of water by steamboat, the cap and barrel are made of blue precious resin with an engraved wave pattern. Fogg’s favourite pastime while aboard the steamboats, playing Whist, is also memorialised by the decorative card suit symbols.

    A bestselling novel in its day, Around the World in Eighty Days conveys the excitement and optimism surrounding the new possibilities of travel, due to the many technological innovations of the industrial age. The Meisterstück Around The World in 80 Days Doué Edition honours these new innovations that made Fogg’s journey possible. A metal cap featuring a cartouche engraved with the steamboat floats above the blue translucent lacquer of the barrel, the subtle gradient effect of the lacquer bringing to life a vision of seas and oceans.


    Montblanc Patron of Art Hommage to Napoleon Bonaparte 4810

    The Montblanc Patron of Art Homage to Napoléon Bonaparte is dedicated to a figure in history whose life had a far-reaching impact.
    Napoléon’s glory lives on in the great “architecture parlante” style of the famous Parisian structures built during his reign. In addition to architecture, other arts such as painting, sculpture and the decorative arts also blossomed under his leadership.
    The overall design is inspired by the neoclassic style. The pattern of golden bees on dark blue lacquer is inspired by Napoléon’s throne in Fontainebleau, and the sword-shaped clip bears the Napoléonic “N”. The engravings on the cap top – a laurel wreath, imperial crown and an eagle – refer to Napoléon’s coronation insignia.
    The cap is crowned by the Montblanc Emblem in precious resin. The clip end is decorated with a red stone recalling the coronation ring of Napoléon’s wife Joséphine.
    In homage to Napoléon Bonaparte, the handcrafted Au 750 solid gold nib bears a portrait of Napoléon with the typical bicorn.

    Montblanc Patron of Art Hommage to Napoleon Bonaparte 4810 - details:
    Brand: Montblanc
    Collection: Patron of Art
    Serie: Hommage to Napoleon Bonaparte
    Nib: 18k
    Material: Dark Blue lacquer
    Filling system: piston
    Limited edition: 4810
    Montblanc Ident: 127032

  • PARKER 51


    After more than 60 years, here is the return of the legendary Parker 51.

    The tank with original colors of the era, in acrylic material with steel hood and in the version
    delux gold laminated hood

    Produced in two writing systems: Fountain and Sphere

    The fountain pen features the cartridge loading and converter with steel nib in the besic version and
    18kt gold nib in delux version with gold laminated hood and black tank or plum


  • PARKER DUOFOLD 100th...

    Parker DUOFOLD 100th Anniversary

    The Parker Duofold is a range of fountain pens produced by the Parker Pen Company.
    The first Duofold Big Red model was produced in 1921.
    In celebration of the Duofold 100th anniversary, parker presents 3 new Duofold Centennial size: Black, Big Red and Lapis Lazuli
    Driven by a commitment to superior craftsmanship, each piece is meticulously brought together by hand to ensure the finest writing experience.
    Duofold 100th Anniversary offers an exceptionally comfortable and luxurious writing experience.
    Exquisitely emblazed with an iconic ace design and classic Goldsmith Hallmarks, the nib is stamped with extra polished two-tone 18-carat solid gold and partially covered with rhodium finish.

    Duofold an emblem of Parker’s heritage. A symbol of excellence since 1921.
    After 100 Years, Duofold remains the most distinguished pen in Parker’s discerning lineage.

    Parker DUOFOLD 100th Anniversary - details:

    Brand: Parker
    Model: Duofold Centennial
    Serie: 100th Anniversary (1921-2021)
    Colors: Black, Big Red, Lapis Lazuli
    Material: Acrylic resin
    Nib: 18k Gold Medium Nib
    Trims: Gold plated
    Filling System: Cartridge/Converter (included)

    Parker DUOFOLD 100th Anniversary - dimensions:
    Length (Capped): 137.3mm
    Length (Uncapped): 128.2mm
    Length (Posted): 172.7mm
    Section Diameter: 10.2mm
    Barrel Diameter: 12.1mm


    The Sonnet fountain pen offers the ultimate in graphic experience along with the ultimate in choice. Thanks to a wide range of models in different materials, the 2021 collection update is more attractive than ever.


    Lamy safari savannah green - terra red

    Lamy presents two safari special edition colors for 2021: savannah green and terra red
    These fountain pens features a matte savannah green and terra red colored barrel and cap, black clip, and a black steel nib.
    When the LAMY safari is unveiled at the Frankfurt Fair in 1980, nobody guesses that it would one day be the best-selling fountain pen in the world! 40 years have passed but the Safari never gets old!
    These Safari fountain pen comes with a blue LAMY ink cartridge. If you'd like to use bottled fountain pen ink, you can also purchase a LAMY Z28 converter.

    Lamy safari savannah green - terra red - details:
    Diameter of barrel:12.3mm
    Diameter of grip: 8.9mm
    Pen Length without cap:12.9 cm
    Length closed: 13.9 cm
    Length Posted:16.4 cm
    Weight:18 grams


    The iconic design of the Opera collection sifounds with the world of luxury and refinement of the palace of Versailles where parties, games, colorful dresses and dizzying hairstyles have made history. lead inside a theatrical work with a pop soul and baroque style, where the search for fun and extravagant style are the absolute protagonists of the scene

    The peculiarities of this new collection are the transparencies and bright colors. In addition, the fountain pen version features the internal shaft of the transparent powerfiller loading system and the iconic tank, patented by us, doublereservoir. For the realization of each color variant of the Demo Work, three types of semi-transparent acrylic resin were chosen. The combination of these materials gives the pen shine and uniqueness. All metallics are finished in palladium and hand-polished in our workshops

    Nib:  14kt,palladium color 

    Fillingsystem: FP–Power Filler Double Reservoir


    Lamy dialog cc

    The LAMY dialog cc, a new variant of the capless twist-action fountain pen LAMY dialog series.
    Equipped with the same ingenious twist mechanism as the LAMY dialog, the new LAMY dialog cc is smaller and more delicate and offers numerous possibilities for use thanks to its handy size.
    The Dialog cc is the successor to the Dialog 3, which was designed in 2009 by Franco Clivio designer.

    Lamy dialog ccThe nib:
    14k Gold nibs for the highest standards:

    Provide an especially elastic writing experience

    Produce a round and balanced typeface

    Increase the joy of using one’s own handwriting

    Lamy dialog cc -technological masterpiece:

    Worldwide-unique twist mechanism actuates partially platinised 14 carat gold nib as well as raising and lowering clip

    When the nib is retracted, the innovative ball valve protects it from dirt as well as from drying out

    High-quality materials with all models, from the nib to the clip: gold, platinum or palladium

    Cartridges or converters can be used

    Easy cleaning and maintenance

    The capless LAMY dialog fountain pen also fascinates with clever technology: with a simple twist, the nib glides elegantly from inside the body whilst the clip sinks into the casin.


    Lamy AL-star 2021 Cosmic and Azure special editions

    Lamy presents two new Al-star colors: Cosmic and Azure
    Those who use the LAMY AL-star appreciate the extraordinary lightness of its robust yet durable material. Its transparent grip also supplies a revealing look at the inner workings of the ink feed. A combination of materials which unites robustness and elegance, this series offers plenty of surprises with special editions in modern, lifestyle-oriented colours – inspiring writers to show their contemporary individuality with this accessory.
    Sturdy, long-lasting stainless steel nib for pleasant and even ink flow.
    Available in many different widths: Extrafine, Fine, Medium, A, LH, Broad and the stub 1.1mm , 1.5mm and 1.9 mm.

    Lamy safari Cosmic and Azure special editions - details:
    Diameter of barrel:12.3mm
    Diameter of grip: 8.9mm
    Pen Length without cap:12.9 cm
    Length closed: 13.9 cm
    Length Posted:16.4 cm
    Weight: 23 grams


    This new edition showcases all the unique benefits of the original award -winning Homo

    Sapiens with the combination of the new transparent crystal windows and patented double reservoir filling system

    . The Homo Sapiens Crystal Dream DR is a unique demonstrator with a large window cut into the pens barrel offering

    a view of stored ink in the larger ink reservoir and a smaller window behind the pen’s grip offering a view of stored

    ink in the pen’s second smaller ink reservoir. The Homo Sapiens Crystal Dream DR is a must have for a true Visconti

    fountain pen collector.

    Product ID: New

    Material: Lava/transparent acrylic
    Colors: Lava, transparent
    Dimensions: Over
    Weight 45,7 gr
    Writing system: FP
    Nib: 18kt (big), rose gold
    Filling system: FP

    Power Filler Double Reservoir

    Metal: Solid bronze

    Closing system: Hook safe lock

    Clip: Bronze, enameled with black

    Trim: Bronze


    We got inspired by the beauty of the Tuscan land with its splendid hills and fields of wheat to create the Homo Sapiens Tuscan Hills, a collection that tells a story of the encounter between the essence of modern man and the beauty of the surrounding nature. The green and brown veins on the body of the pen reflect the variety of colours of the enchanting Tuscan landscape and the play of shadows created on the ground by the orderly rows of cypresses, the undisputed protagonists of the hills

    Our master craftsmen have recreated in the acrylic resin the game of lights and shadows of the Tuscan landscape by mixing swirls of green and brown. The pens are made and polished in our Visconti workshop. Because the pen is a Demonstrator model and therefore see-through in parts, all the resin components have to be minutely and manually polished both on the outside and the inside with little felt polishing tools. The Homo Sapiens Tuscan Hills pen uses the patented Visconti hook safe capping mechanism. All the pen’s metal parts are made in silver.

    Material: Acrylic resin

    Colors: Green and brown

    Writing system: Fountain pen – Rollerball Nib: 18 kt gold (palladium plated)

    Filling system: Fountain pen – Power Filler Double Reservoir Rollerball – Refill A40

    Closing system: Hook safe lock Box: Dedicated box

    Clip: Laser engraved Visconti Logo

    Trims: Silver /palladium plated

    Limited Edition: 888



    Christopher Sholes and co. patented a first version of the keyboard featuring letters arranged in alphabetical order in 1864. When Sholes and his partners signed a contract with Remington in 1873 to build the first typewriter, the key layout was completely different and was named Qwerty after the sequence of the first six letters on the top row. There are several theories as to why this change took place, but the most widely accepted is that the telegraphers, interpreters of Morse code, helped to reformulate the keyboard in the way that worked best for them.
    The Qwerty fountain pen is a new limited edition. It comes equipped with a double reservoir and 18kt nib and is made with special manufacturing techniques and prestigious materials.
  • PLATINUM Limited...

    The Fuji Shunkei series features a lineup of new fountain pens inspired by the
    seasonal scenery of Mount Fuji.
    The breathtaking landscapes coupled with the depth of the words create a stunning
    world view. Fuji Shunkei series is to express such a view through designs of fountain pens.

    #3776 CENTURY KINSHU #13 Hiiro
    The scenery of KINSHU
    The final model of the Fuji Shunkei series is #3776 CENTURY KINSHU. The
    Japanese word KINSHU refers to an autumn scenery covered with colorful leaves like
    an image of Nishiki textile, the luxurious Japanese brocade weaved with gold and
    silver threads. Such spectacular autumn scenery blanketed in fiery fall foliage is
    expressed on KINSHU.

    Engraving on the body
    The pattern on the body depicting the fiery fall foliage is reproduced through a
    detailed facet cutting. The scarlet color (Japanese color name Hiiro) used for the
    body also resembles the color of flame, inspired by autumn leaves. The body
    applied with intricate curves expresses refraction of light, together with the gold ring.
    The expression of Mount Fuji
    A small Mount Fuji is placed at the top of the pen, expressing the peak of
    mountain in fiery colors of autumn leaves.
    The expression of the cap ring
    The cap ring is decorated with elaborate three-dimensional letters.
    Serial number engraving
    This product will be limitedly produced and each pen is engraved with a three-dimensional serial number
    Together with the past editions that gained popularity for their intricate designs
    equivalent to a craftwork realized through an elaborate cutting process, the new
    fountain pen is highly collectible. Among the total of 10 models of the Fuji Five Lakes
    and the Fuji Shunkei series, KINSHU is the first model that employs a gold color trim.
    It is also ideal for fountain pen enthusiasts and collectors for its high rarity as the final
    model of The Fuji Shunkei series.

  • VAN GOGH Cafè Terrace...

    Thenew coloring of the Van Gogh collection is inspired by the Café Terrace at Night painting,

    painted by the Dutch artist in Arles, France, in 1888.

    The painting in question is characterized by a relaxed, almost dreamy stroke, in contrast with the usual nervous and fragmented brushstrokes, due to the serenity of this night in the French South. Once again the artist relies on completely to colors to convey his mood and in this case he chooses the contrast between yellow, orange, blue and green, which are taken up by Visconti for the creation of the new Van Gogh Cafè Terrace at Night. VAN GOGH - Cafè Terrace at Night. Fountain pen - Cartridge, converter


    Montegrappa MONOPOLY

    Monopoly is a board game currently published by Hasbro. In the game, players roll two six-sided dice to move around the game board, buying and trading properties, and developing them with houses and hotels.
    Players collect rent from their opponents, with the goal being to drive them into bankruptcy. Money can also be gained or lost through Chance and Community Chest cards, and tax squares; players can end up in jail, from which they cannot move until they have met one of several conditions.
    The game has numerous house rules, and hundreds of different editions exist, as well as many spin-offs and related media. Monopoly has become a part of international popular culture, having been licensed locally in more than 103 countries and printed in more than 37 languages. Montegrappa MONOPOLY
    Since 1935, MONOPOLY has been an icon of family fun – and a by-word for living large.
    Carry the swagger of the world’s favourite board game wherever you go, with the MONOPOLY Players’ Collection by Montegrappa.

    Some are born to be moguls, but for the rest of us, MONOPOLY is a gateway to the world of wheeling, dealing and wealth creation. In an age when games fall in and out of fashion within months, MONOPOLY’s resilience is a testament to its place in popular culture.
    The MONOPOLY Players’ Collection celebrates timelessness and success with three retro-flavoured designs that capture the fun and panache of the world’s best-selling board game.
    Select from Landlord, Genius and Tycoon models to flex your personal playing style.
    Three vintage colour combinations explore the four corners of the MONOPOLY board, with tributes to the game’s real estate, icons and MR. MONOPOLY mascot.
    Handmade in Italy, all designs are constructed from sturdy brass and stainless steel in three writing modes: fountain pen, rollerball and slimline ballpoint.
    Hardware relief-detailing echoes the property trading game’s eternal appeal.
    MONOPOLY logos bookend a custom pocket-clip modelled on MR. MONOPOLY’s cane.

    Montegrappa MONOPOLY - details:
    Brand: Montegrappa
    Model: Monopoly
    Colors: Landlord, Genius e Tycoon
    Materials: Brass, Steel, Resin
    Nib: Steel ( Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, Stub 1.1 e Stub 1.5 mm)
    Filling System: Cartucce / Converter (incluso).


    ‘Elmo’-brand pens were famous throughout Italy in the early 20th century. Built in Montegrappa’s present-day factory, they helped lay many of the foundations for modern writing culture. Expressive resin and stainless-steel hardware echoes the Elmo 02’s distinctive angular lines. Helm’s fluted clip design channels the panache of the 1920s, with early hallmarks of Art Deco.
    Swirling resin colours of Sorapis and Asiago provide resort-ready alternatives to the formality of standard jet black. No two segments are exactly alike. The Elmo 02 is available in three writing modes: cartridge/converter fountain pen (with six nib grades), rollerball, and a slimline, twistaction ballpoint.


    Montegrappa honours Dante Alighieri – writer of The
    Divine Comedy and father of the Italian language.
    700 years after his death, Dante’s virtuosity continues
    to dazzle readers and historians alike, with few works
    more fabled than his terrifying Inferno.
    Made in Italy, Dante Alighieri: Inferno is handcrafted from precious
    metals and a special ‘magma’ batch of Montegrappite artisanal resin.
    Heavenly writing performance meets high-precision micro-sculpting in
    a work that brings the supreme poet’s dark vision to life in your hand.
    From blind cap to top disc, every intricate element of Dante
    Alighieri: Inferno recounts Dante’s voyage from the mysterious
    forest to the icy bowels of hell. Lucifer’s pointed tail protrudes
    from the cap to form a pocket-clip of demonic intent.
    Lost-wax casting reconstructs Dante’s nine circles of hell with
    meticulous detail. Beneath Limbo and the river of Acheron,
    every miniature chasm examines sins of increasing severity:
    Lust, Gluttony, Greed, and Wrath on the cap; Heresy, Violence,
    Fraud and Treachery on the barrel.
    Fountain pen and rollerball users are catered for with numbered
    limited editions of sterling silver (333 examples of each) and 18K
    gold (9 of each). Both tiers observe Dante’s rigorous use of the
    number three as a thematic, lyrical and structural device.


    Advanced materials and bold Italian thinking dominate the construction of the F1® Speed: a turbocharged study in writing technology, developed by the global pacesetters in pen design. F1® Speed transfers Formula 1® technology and flair to the science of writing – fusing high-technology materials and engineering in a radical design package to set pulses racing. A computer-engineered, flared barrel combines aerodynamics and ergonomics to deliver exhilarating optics and dynamic writing performance. A carbon-fibre grip section provides unrivalled strength and stability, transitioning smoothly to the barrel via a customdesigned, graduated ‘Monza’ step. Carbon composite, black ruthenium and high-gloss lacquer echo the performance and glamour of motorsport’s greatest spectacle.



    Deep truth is found in ancient wisdom. Famous verses and maxims are passed down the generations, providing strength and direction in moments of doubt.Proverbs from the minds of great Latin thinkers provide the inspiration for a new writing instrument by Montegrappa.
    Their intellectual eloquence is the compa-nion of the Extra Verses – a flagship pen made in strictly limited quantities.
    Carpe Diem!

    Montegrappa’s flagship pen strikes a new pose with an innovative new material.
    Sterling silver combines with immaculately carved Montegrappite artisanal resin.
    The organic, burgundy veins of Vinum Atrum symbolise the channelling of centuries-old wisdom.
    Since its reissue in 1999, the Montegrappa Extra’s vintage contours have become a favourite of the writing cognoscenti.
    The Montegrappa Extra Verses contains all the refinement expected of the Extra name, while paying tribute to the sages of ancient Rome.
    Their wise verses continue to offer guidance for modern life. Graceful design, rare materials and superlative handle are hallmarks of the Extra silhouette.
    Handcrafted in Italy’s first fountain pen factory, the Extra Verses recaptures the elegance of writing’s golden age, with enhancements facilitated by modern technology.
    Sterling-silver capband detailing recites Latin verses from the minds of Horace, Cicero and Seneca: Protinus vive (Live in the now), Historia magistra vitae (History is the teacher of life), Vivere est cogitare (To live is to think) and Carpe diem (Seize the day).
    State-of-the-art writing componentry features throughout a limited production of only 250 fountain pens – each fitted with a custom two-tone 18K gold nib.

    Brand: Montegrappa
    Model: Extra Verses
    Material: Montegrappite resin
    Trim: Sterling silver
    Filling system: stantuffo
    Nib: 18k Gold
    Limited: 250 fountain pens

    Lenght closed: 138 mm
    Diameter: 16,5 mm
    Weight: 40 grams


    With a capped length of only 80 mm, Gnomo Moods expands to offer luxurious writing experience. Delicate herringbone detailing on sterling silver characterises a writing instrument designed to shine, clad in fashionable textures of Montegrappite artisanal resin. Three colours of Menta (mint green), Ghiacciaio (ice blue) and Monterosa (mauve) make their debut in the Montegrappa line-up. Made to a special in-house formula, Montegrappite features unique organic textures that ensure no two models are exactly alike. The Gnomo silhouette reinvents a design from Montegrappa’s mid-century archives. After a sold-out celluloid edition, this latest series confirms its standing as a contemporary luxury accessory. Its charms are limited to a lucky few, with only 100 pieces made in each colour and mode.The natural charms of Gnomo Moods extends to its unboxing. A miniature wooden case houses both writing instrument and a made-to-measure, mockshearling pouch. 


    This limited edition Conklin Duragraph fountain pen has a clear resin base, with flecks of brown and black. It is complemented with black trim and fills via standard international converter or cartridge (both included). The Conklin Duragraph fountain pen is now offered with your choice of a reliable, smooth-writing German made JoWo #6 black steel nib in extra-fine, fine, medium, broad, or 1.1mm stub, or the Omniflex flexible black steel nib for variation in line width.

    Each pen is individually numbered out of 1898. This Duragraph Earth color is part of the Duraflex Elements collection, consisting of Earth, Fire, and Water.


    In 2021 we remember the death of Dante Alighieri, happened in Ravenna in 1321.
    To celebrate the seven hundredth anniversary of his death, Pininfarina wants to pay homage to the Supreme Poet with a dedicated collection.
    The Divina Commedia of Dante is considered one of the world literature masterpieces.
    Pininfarina Cambiano Inferno Ballpoint is 100 % made in Italy.
    Composed of wood and aluminum for the handle grip and a small refill for beeing the design ballpoint pen you dreamed.


    After a long wait and a lot of experimentation today we present the new fountain pen with a piston filling system designed and produced in our workshops, 1.5 ml load capacity. We have characterized the pen body with a transparent window in which you can control the ink level, the window length is 10mm then allows you to see very well the inside of the body. 

    Another element that characterizes the Momento magico is the possibility of completely disassemble the pen body, caseback, piston and feed/nib.

    The cap is characterized by the central band perforated with a detail of the decorations belonging to the period known in the history of art as "geometric art" and therefore means the production of decorations of Greek civilization between 900 and 700 BC, which takes its name from term traditionally used for ceramics, production of the same period.

    Gold nib 


    Leonardo Momento Zero Grande Primary Manipulation 4

    It is a very ambitious project that unites 2 realities linked to the world of pens, Leonardo Officina Italiana and Jonathon Brooks one of the authors of the most eccentric and original resins in the world that unites many fans and collectors.

    Leonardo asked Jonathon to make about 70 bars of 20cm of special resin mixing many pigments creating a real explosion of color, from these we managed to obtain 70pens in total.
    The color of each single fountain pen is totally different from each other, this makes it unique.

    Same design as the MZ Grande piston 2020, designed and produced in our workshops (1.5ml capacity), ebonite feed and 14kt gold nib.
    For the Primary Manipulation 4, the metal parts are only available in Rose Gold
    The fountain pen case contains a 40 ml bottle of ink.
    The collection is limited to only 70 fountain pens worldwide

    Leonardo Momento Zero GRANDE PRIMARY MANIPULATION RESIN 4 - Details:
    Brand: Leonardo
    Model: Momento Zero
    Version: Primary Manipulation 4
    Type: Fountain pen
    Nib:14K gold nib available in EF,F,M,B, STUB 1.3 mm, MUSIC (B-BBB) ed ELASTIC (flessibile)
    Filling system: Piston
    Lenght closed: 15,00 cm
    Lenght capped: 17,18 mm.
    Lenght uncapped: 13,3 cm.
    Weight: 35,3 grams


    2 nuove resine della famiglia "Spaghetti" oltre al blue Hawaii abbiamo anche il verde alga e prugna, tutta la collezione 2021 riporta sul cappuccio 3 anelli in metallo, anche la versione blu Positano e Corno (Horn). Le parti metalliche sono disponibili in oro rosa, silver e oro giallo per tutte le colorazioni e le resine disponibili. Anche la clip è stata sostituita con un modello più sottile come quella della versione "grande".

    I nuovi pennini installati a vite ed estraibili facilmente sono disponibili nelle gradazioni EF, F, M, B e Stub1.1

    Caricamento con convertitore personalizzato (in dotazione).
    Pennino in acciaio armonico 

    - Lunghezza penna chiusa: 142mm
    - Lunghezza penna senza cappuccio: 129mm
    - Lunghezza da aperta con cappuccio:170mm
    - Diametro massimo: 15.3mm


    It is the unrivalled interplay between excellence and advancement that makes an Expert stand out. This same mastery is reflected in the new Waterman Expert Metallic Special Edition Collection, creating a Fine Writing instrument for true experts in their fields. Made with 130 years of craftsmanship and shaped by the finest contemporary French design trends, this collection is not only a stylish companion in everyday successes but also an outstanding lifestyle accessory. The exclusively crafted pen feature black ruthenium-plated trims, black PVD-coated stainless steel nib, and metallic effect lacquer and is, quite simply, made to stand out. Made in France, benefitting from Waterman’s in house craftsmanship.


    Stipula Adagio is a collection of writing instruments made with translucent faceted resins. It's comes from the praise of the slowness that in great music takes its name "Adagio". A slow and relaxed time that reconciles with reflection and calmness.

    The piston filler mechanism of this Stilpula Adagio fountain pen features a fixed piston operated by the rotating knob located on body. Cap and body have eight facets, with resin materials rich of colors and shading.


    Aurora Caleidoscopio Luce Limited Edition

    “As a child I was enchanted to watch the colours moving in a Kaleidoscope.”
    Aurora continues the Optima Kaleidoscope Collection to enchant with the new yellow color symbol of energy and brightness.

    Fountain pen Auroloide.
    Nib: 18kt Gold nib.

    The Caleidoscopiot is limited to only 860 fountain pens worldwide.
    New turned and hand-polished grip in Auroloide resin.
    New black laquered Aurora ring.

    Optima Caleidoscopio - Dimension:
    Lenght opened: 12,7 cm.
    Lenght capped: 15,4 cm.
    Weight: 22 grams


    Dante Alighieri plays a fundamental role as founding fathers of the Italian language. Through his most important work, "The Divine Comedy", is a source of inspiration for lovers of art and literature. We are pleased to introduce our fountain pen Dante Purgatorio, continuation of a journey that began with Pen Dante Inferno, hoping that it can leave a sign also in Dantes Paradise. Fountain pen with 18kt. solid gold nib rhodium-treated, with chrome trims. Cap, barrel and bottom in blue lacquer, ring in light blue lacquer simbolizing the Purgatory.Engraving of Dante Alighieris silhouette on top of the cap. Details of the decorations of laurel leaves and
    italian ag on the ring. 1.265 Limited numbered Editions.

    The pen is housed in a stylish packaging, sophisticated as the pen inside. It is covered by a sleeve dedicated to the "Purgatory" of " Divine Commedy " 


    About the Finish

    Modern black PVD finish with a sandblasted, fine micro-knurl texture
    Matte black PVD appointments and polished black grip
    About the Tip
    Hand-finished, precision ground stainless steel nib plated with polished black PVD
    Choose fine or medium nib width
    Finely-ribbed grip with polished finish
    Click-off cap
    Specially formulated ink flows flawlessly and dries quickly
    Includes two black fountain pen cartridges (#8921) that are as neat and easy to use as a ballpoint or rollerball refill
    Optional converter available (#8756) to fill pen from bottled ink

    Cross Classic Century Brushed - Details:
    Brass accesories finished with multiple layers of glossy black lacquer by PVD (physical vapor deposition) technology.
    Stainless steel clip finished with multiple layers of glossy black lacquer


    Perfect Pencil Anniversary Edition 260th years Faber-Castell
    The pleasure of writing and drawing with a classic pencil depends a good deal on it being well sharpened. But where is the best place to keep a sharpener so that it is always to hand? The Perfect Pencil provides a simple but elegant answer: just where it is needed, on the pencil itself, built into the protective cap that also serves to extend the pencil in use. With the replaceable eraser under the end cap, you have everything together in an ideally compact form and always ready for use: for writing, correcting, and sharpening.

    Perfect Pencil Anniversary Edition 260th years Faber-Castell - Product details

    Perfect Pencil 260th Anniversary edition

    Limited to 750 pieces with engraved serial number in the clip ring of the extender

    PVD coating made of titanium in anthracite

    Faceted jade stone adorns the top of the cap

    Delicate engraved cap with stylised pencils as reference to Faber- Castell

    Extender with built-in sharpener

    Eraser under the top of the cap of the pencil

    Finely fluted black pocket pencil with B lead

    High- quality wooden gift box with certificate of the limitation


    The clean lines and selected materials of these slim writing implements make an excellent impression. They are distinguished by clear-cut visual design combined with professional functionalism.


    Experience smooth writing with this Platinum Balance fountain pen. Its stainless steel nib is flexible yet strong under varying levels of writing pressure. The clear acrylic body appears light and airy as it floats across your page, and the chrome-plated clip is a perfect accent. Because of the pen's transparency, you can admire your ink and monitor ink levels at all times. The rounded body is substantial enough to grip securely, and together with the high-quality nib, provides a stable and balanced writing experience.


    Parker Jotter XL Monochrome

    With the Jotter XL Monochrome Collection, Parker introduces four contemporary, fully monochromatic finishes to its range.
    A tribute to Parker's commitment to superior craftsmanship and attention to detail, each component – from the trademarked arrow clip and distinctive 'Click' button, to the cap and barrel – has been carefully refined.
    Jotter XL Monochrome Collection. Iconic, down to the last detail.

    Jotter XL monochrome pens are available in 4 finish: Gold, Pink gold, Steel HT and Black
    THE REFILL: Quinkflow® technology for a smoother, cleaner & more consistent writing performance, in a word the greatest Parker ballpoint ever.

  • PELIKAN Souverän 605...

    This distinctive new fine writing instruments series will convince you. These colours will brighten your day! The white parts are made of high-quality resin that is first

    turned and then polished to a high sheen. The barrel with the white and green stripes is made of cellulose acetate that was very carefully manufactured and turned into a sleeve.

    The characteristic double rings at the back of the barrel and on the cap are integrated into the material. This is done with the highest precision in order to obtain a virtually seamless

    transition between the materials. The fountain pen has a completely rhodinized 14 carat gold nib and will be available in 4 nib widths EF, F, M and B.

    The matching ballpoint pen has a twist-mechanism. Every single writing instrument is mounted by hand and carefully checked to fulfill the strictest quality criteria.

    The Souverän® 605 Green-White is encased in a specially designed gift box.  in limited stocks


    This colorful series gives our classic Souverän a bright and warm appearance.  The extraordinary color variation is reminiscent of a beautiful sunset and encourages us to stroll down memory lane.

    The slightly transparent barrel is made out of cellulose acetate and shimmers in a light brown and orange. Traditionally the cap and all other parts of the casing consist of high-grade resin. These parts are featured in a warm red, which is one reason for the fascinating bright appearance of the writing instrument. The shiny gold rings, the traditional beak-like clip and the 14-carat bi-color gold nib with rhodium trim harmonize perfectly with the warm interplay of colors of the series Tortoiseshell-Red.

    The piston fountain pen will be available B. In addition to the piston fountain pen there will also be a ballpoint pen with twist mechanism available. The series is delivered in a practical folding box. Additionally a gift box can
    be ordered separately to make this series a colorful gift option.

    The Souverän 600 Tortoiseshell-Red will be available as of December 2020. As a completion we are recommending the matching flacon of Edelstein Ink Mandarin.

  • PELIKAN 205...

    Each and every pen has its own fascination. It is an unexpected and free flowing genisis of the colourful marbled material. Flowing one into the other of perly-shining elements together with a bright colour pigment creates this eyecatching pen. The petrol-colour combines blue and green to enhance a beautiful harmony. 


    All decoration elements of this series as rings and clip are highly polished and shiny-silver-colored. Series Classic 205 Petrol-Marbled is offered as a fountain pen with differential piston mechanism. The highly polished stainless steel nib of offered in nib widths EF, F, M and B to match each handwriting preferenceThe ball pen is equipped with a push mechanism for an easy handling. 


    The fountain pen is provided with an elegant squared gift box including an ink bottle 4001® of 62,5ml 


    As an extension of the standard collection, Pelikan launches the new series Souverän 405 silver-white. The bright but not cold silver and white colour shades underline the very distinctive interpretation of the true classic Souverän. The striped barrel is made of cellulose acetate. The characteristic double rings at the back of the barrel and on the cap are integrated into the material. This is done with the highest precision in order to obtain a virtual seamless transition between the materials. The completely rhodinized 14 carat gold nib matches the silver sheen of the other components. Even the silver-white barrel of the fountain pen and the upper-part of the ballpoint pen harmonize perfectly with the silver-white look.

    Every single writing instrument is mounted by hand and carefully checked to fulfill the strictest quality criteria. This series is delivered with a practical folding box. Additional gift boxes (G15) can be ordered separately. We also recommend our Edelstein Ink of the year 2020 Moonstone, a matching color. This new series in the very popular size 405 will be available as piston fountain pen and ballpoint pen with push mechanisim. All models of the series Souverän 405 silver-white will be part of the standard collection starting November 2020.



    Classic 205 Moonstone

    Inspired by the gemstone Moonstone, this series gives the mystic aura of the moonstone an outline and transforms the fascinating sparkle into a writing instrument. The magic grey color reminds of moonlight rays and is sparkling as soon as the writing instrument comes in touch with the daylight. A special material combination realizes this unique effect and creates more than one shade of grey.

    The Series Classic 205 Moonstone will be available as a fountain pen with differential piston mechanism as well as a ballpoint pen with push mechanism. The fountain pen consists of a stainless steel nib and is available with the nib sizes EF, F, M or B to match each handwriting preferences. The ballpoint pen guarantees an easy handling.

    The gift set of fountain pen and Edelstein ink of the Year Moonstone is a perfect match!


  • PELIKAN 200 GOLD...

    Right for Christmas time, the popular Classic series 200 will sparkle in a very special glamour. The combination of goldmarbled barrel material and white elements gives a noble and graceful appearance to the writing instruments. The gold-marbeld material matches perfectly with the goldplated nib and the gold-plated decorative elements. The white parts are made of high quality resin that is first turned and then polished to a high sheen. The barrel with the gold-marbled design is made of acrylic material that was very carefully manufactured. All rings and the typical Pelikan clip are plated with 24 carat gold. The fountain pen with piston mechanism is equipped with a gold-plated stainless steel nib . The matching ballpoint pen has a pushbutton Every single writing instrument is mounted by hand and carefully checked to fulfill the strictest quality criteria. It is delivered in a specially designed G5 gift box which is taking up the golden color of the writing instrument making it a perfect gift item.



    The Maison Caran d’Ache unveils the Ecridor Racing, the first writing instrument with an all-black look to be added to the Ecridor collection. Inspired by the sleek designs of the world of motor racing, this unapologetically modern ballpoint pen is yet another demonstration of the creative force that has powered the hundred-year history of the company.

    The Ecridor Racing boasts a range of motifs from motor sports: a body in matte deep black decorated with engraving inspired by radiator grills, palladium-plated outlines, vivid flashes of red, and a purring engine, ready to carry you across 600 sheets of A4. 

    Swiss made from its initial design through to its creation in Swiss workshops, the Ecridor Racing is a distinctive model, assertive in its masculinity.

    Type of writing instrument:

    • Ballpoint pen
    • Dimensions: length 128 mm & diameter 8 mm


    • Brass body
    • Black chrome coating
    • Sand finish for matte-style effect
    • Hexagonal body
    • Machine-cut guillochage inspired by the radiator grills of racing cars
    • Hand-applied red lacquer on two edges inspired by brake lights
    • Caran d’Ache logo laser-engraved on the push-button


    • Push-button mechanism with high precision ensuring exceptional writing comfort

    Clip and button:

    • Bright palladium-plated push button
    • Palladium-plated flexible clip

    Cartridges and refills:

    • Equipped with the famous giant Goliath cartridge in medium black, covering 600 A4 pages of handwriting
    • Compatible with all type of Goliath cartridges

    The original Sheaffer clickable clip is back!  Sheaffer revived a popular invention with the new Reminder ballpoint pen. A master of design ingenuity, it features the Sheaffer clickable clip that was first introduced in the 1960s.  Simply click the bottom of the clip to propel and activate the ballpoint, and click the top when you’re finished writing to lock the tip into the retracted position. The smart design prevents the clip from attaching to a pocket, lapel or sheets of paper whenever the writing tip is activated. So it guards against contact with even a hint of ink – reminding you to click it before you clip it.


    · Writes underwater
    · Writes upside down and at any angle
    · Writes twice as long as other roller ball pens
    · The most dependable, reliable, and versatile pen in the world

    The Fisher Space pen ink cartridge is the key to its superiority. It is pressurized with 35 pounds per square inch of gas. This pressure pushes on the sliding float ball allowing our unique thixotropic ink to flow smoothly in the tungsten carbide ball.

    Designed to withstand the rigors of space travel, Fisher Pens have earned the reputation of a superior technical pen for all applications.
    The NASA Astronaut Pen is the most well known of the Fisher Product line, praised for its durability, dependability and design.
    The New York Museum of Modern Art has cited the Fisher Bullet Pen as an outstanding example of industrial art.

    Open: 13,7 cm.
    Closed: 9,4 cm.

    Special features of the model Bullet Shuttle Emblem is the small emblem of Space Shuttle on the cap

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