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  • 753 NUMA POMPILIO...



    Rome was founded. It’s the moment of Romulus's successor: NUMA POMPILIO. (754 BC - 673 BC)

    With him a village is finally seen to be born, which will soon become the most important city of its time and the city of Rome experienced the longest period of peace in its history: 41 years. Virtually the entire duration of his reign!

    For this reason we have chosen to create the Numa Pompilio with the mottled white color, a symbol par excellence of peace and prosperity.

    The pen body and cap are acrylic with a steel finish. In the nib there is the logo "753" the date of Birth of Rome.

    Limited and numbered version in Roman numerals in only 100 copies in the world. The pen nib is made of flexible steel in different types of sizes. Extrafino, Fino, Medio, Broad and Stub. Double filling system: Cartridge (Standard Pelikan type) or plunger By completely unscrewing the tank bottom.

    The release of each pen is scheduled for April 21 of each year, the date of the Birth of Rome

     THE KINGS: ROMULUS April 21, 2021

    II RE: NUMA POMPILIO 21 April 2022

    III RE: TULLO OSTILIO April 21, 2023

    IV KING: ANCO MARCIO April 21, 2024

    V RE: TARQUINO PRISCO April 21, 2025

    VI KING: SERVANT TULLIO April 21, 2026



    Montblanc Patron of Art Homage to Victoria and Albert 4810

    Montblanc launches Patron of Art homage to Victoria and Albert
    The new Montblanc Limited edition pays tribute to British monarchs.
    It's been over 100 years since Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were married, yet their relationship remains one of the most well known in British royal history.

    The edition dedicated to Victoria has a cap in translucent mint-green lacquer, one of her favourite colours to wear. Albert’s edition, meanwhile, is finished in burgundy-coloured translucent lacquer on the cap evoking the colours of the British Field Marshal uniform he wore at his wedding.
    The Montblanc Patron of Art Homage to Victoria & Albert Limited Edition 4810 marks the early years of the royal couple with a barrel in pearl-white lacquer, a symbol of purity and youth, and a cone embellished with a traditional Victorian pattern as well as the entwined “V&A” monogram, in which the couple liked to unite their initials.

    The edition dedicated to Victoria has a cap in translucent mint-green lacquer, one of her favourite colours to wear. Albert’s edition, meanwhile, is finished in burgundy-coloured translucent lacquer on the cap evoking the colours of the British Field Marshal uniform he wore at his wedding.
    The Montblanc Patron of Art Homage to Victoria & Albert Limited Edition 4810 marks the early years of the royal couple with a barrel in pearl-white lacquer, a symbol of purity and youth, and a cone embellished with a traditional Victorian pattern as well as the entwined “V&A” monogram, in which the couple liked to unite their initials.


    In the heart of the Chamonix Mont-Blanc, the Mer de Glace (or “Sea of Ice”) is shaped by ice floes, ice caps and magnificent glaciers. The timeless beauty of these frozen forms has long captured the imaginations of explorers and adventurers, whilst Montblanc has shared a deep connection with glaciers since the Maison was first founded.

  • Muses Edition...

    The design of the Montblanc Muses Elizabeth Taylor Special Edition reflects the preferences of the film goddess down to the smallest detail. The cap and barrel are covered with a dark violet marbleised lacquer in homage to Elizabeth Taylor’s legendary eyes, as well as her favourite colour, creating a contrast with the platinum-coated fittings. The cap top is decorated with a Montblanc emblem in precious resin. The cone of the Montblanc Muses Elizabeth Taylor Special Edition recalls with its geometric engraving a typical jewellery pattern of the 1950s. Elizabeth Taylor’s passion for jewellery served as inspiration for the ring-shaped clip, which attracts attention with its special shape.


    In 2021, Montblanc pays tribute to the visionary Enzo Ferrari: both motor racing driver and entrepreneur, he founded the legendary Scuderia Ferrari and established a global automotive empire whose name has become synonymous for superb quality a passion for speed. Made from red precious resin, the edition symbolizes the beginning of Enzo Ferrari´s passion for motor racing. Its color is inspired by the special Color "Rosso 70 Anni" which is a special red color developed when the Scuderia Ferrari celebrated its 70th birthday representing various iconic red tones throughout the years. The cap top is crowned with a Montblanc emblem embedded in a metal grid on a yellow surface, paying homage to birth town Modena. The back of the cap shows the prancing horse, the famous emblem of Ferrari cars. The clip in metal is adorned with a famous quote by Enzo: “You cannot describe passion, you can only live it.” The cone shows two important dates in the early career of Enzo Ferrari. The handcrafted Au 585 solid gold nib is engraved with the image of a “Ferrari 250 GTO” steering wheel and one of Enzo´s nicknames - "Pilota".


    The StarWalker collection is about walking amidst the stars. It's about exploring the cosmos and foreign galaxies, about being part of one of the most mysterious and powerful of human kind’s adventures: space exploration. The StarWalker UltraBlack collection depicts the depth of space from the matte black precious resin to the black ruthenium-coated fittings. The patented StarWalker emblem technology features the floating Montblanc emblem in a translucent dome. The fountain pen is hand-crafted with a black ruthenium-coated Au585 /14 K gold nib.

  • MONTBLANC Meisterstück...

    The Meisterstück Calligraphy Solitaire Burgundy Lacquer Rollerball is inspired by the encounter between art and writing. This solitaire piece is a contemporary interpretation of the classic burgundy color, enriched in its appearance by a new gradient lacquering technique and completed by a champagne-tone gold-coated clip and fittings.

  • LAMY Safari All Black...

    The new LAMY safari all black ncode bridges the gap between the analogue notebook and the unlimited world of digital writing.

    LAMY safari meets 21st century technology: The LAMY safari all black ncode is based on the successful design classic LAMY safari all black rollerball with its proven ergonomic grip for fatigue-free writing and the distinctive, robust clip for keeping the writing instrument safe. It can be fitted with LAMY M 21 ballpoint refills in blue or black.

    The writing instrument is equipped with the ncode technology developed by NeoLAB. In online mode, the writing instrument is connected via Bluetooth to the Neo Studio App on a device. Everything written down is transmitted in real time and is visible on that device. In offline mode, the writing instrument is not connected. However, every word, sketch or drawing is stored in the pen itself, there is a digital copy of all your notes and ideas.

    The optoelectronic sensor reads the ncode pattern printed on the paper of the LAMY digital paper notebook and recognises handwriting and pages. The NeoLAB ncode sensor reads the codes from the blank surface - the processor (CPU) contained in the smart pen performs the complex mathematical calculation to locate the pen position on the page.

    Where the viewing window of the LAMY safari fountain pen shows how much ink is left in the cartridge, the LAMY safari all black ncode displays its charging status.

    The writing system from Lamy and NeoLAB Convergence is designed to fit perfectly with your own lifestyle. A full charge using a Micro USB cable permits 11 hours of non-stop writing.

  • Leonardo Art Dèco 2021

    Leonardo Officina Italiana Art Dèco 2021 Limited edition

    After the success of the Art Dèco 2019 edition, the Italian company Leonardo proposes a re-edition with "Geometric" decoration instead of the previous "Greca" motif.
    The Geometric motif represents a European and vintage 1930s soul, a representation of this golden age executed with the refined art of Guilloché, a craft technique that encompasses experience and tradition.

    Designed on the basis of our Momento zero grande, this time without metal ring on the section and with internal piston.

    Leonardo Art Déco 2021 - dettagli:
    Brand: Leonardo
    Model: Momento Zero Grande
    Edition: Art Dèco 2021
    Material: Japanese ebonite
    tTrims: Dorate / Rodiate
    Ring: Decoration with Geometric pattern executed with Guilloché technique
    Details: Metal parts decorated with three-dimensional pantograph
    Feeder: Black ebonite
    Nib:  #6 gold nib
    Colors: Deep Black, Cobalt Blue, Carmine Red and Terracotta.
    Limited: Limited edition of only 100 fountain pens per color, numbered on the side of the barrel 001/100.

    Leonardo Art Déco 2021- dimension:
    Lenght closed: 15,00 cm
    Lenght with cap: 17,18 mm.
    Lenght without cap: 13,3 cm.
    Weight: 35,5 grams
    Ink capacity: 1,5 ml.

  • Parker Duofold...

    Parker Duofold Queen's Platinum Jubilee 2022

    2022 marks 70 years since Queen Elizabeth II ascended the throne, the first British monarch to reach this milestone.
    Parker Pen Company proudly presents this special edition Duofold, to honour Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee.

    s the holder of two Royal Warrants for recognition of service to the Royal Household, Parker proudly presents this special edition Duofold, to honour Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee. Inspired by elements of the British crown, the cap and barrel are engraved with a design that creates a woven-like texture which gives a distinctly regal appearance. Available as a special edition in a prestige gift box, this Parker Duofold pen makes a fine addition to any collection.

    Parker Duofold Queen's Platinum Jubilee 2022 - details:
    The Parker Duofold Queen's Platinum Jubilee 2022 Special Edition is fashioned from palladium coated 925 solid sliver and the cap and barrel design are intricately engraved to create a woven-like texture, giving a distinctly regal appearance.
    The signature Duofold nib of 18k solid gold, two tone with rhodium plating is emblazoned with a stamping of the St Edward’s Crown, unique to this special edition.
    To mark the occasion, the cap jewel features a specially designed commemorative 70th Jubilee stamping incorporating the Queen’s Cypher. All trims are plated in 23k gold.
    Each pen comprises 22 components, individually hand-assembled.

  • Parker SONNET Duofold...

    As the holder of two Royal Warrants for recognition of service to the Royal Household, Parker proudly presents the Parker Sonnet Queen’s Platinum Jubilee 2022 Editions, to honour this special occasion. This fountain pen has a sapphire blue lacquered barrel inspired by the precious stones of the St Edward’s and Imperial State Crowns, giving this design a regal appearance. The cap is fashioned from palladium coated 925 solid silver, where the engraving creates a woven like texture. All trims are plated in 23k gold. The nib carries a commemorative 70th Jubilee stamping in 18k solid gold, two tone with rhodium plating.

    Key Features

    • Sapphire blue lacquered barrel
    • 925 solid silver cap
    • 23k gold plated trim
    • 18k gold nib
    • Contoured grip section
    • Parker signature arrow design clip
    • Comes with 2 black ink cartridges
    • Fitted with converter for use with bottled ink
    • Presented in Parker gift box
    • Dimensions (closed): L 133mm x D 11mm
    • Dimensions (posted): L 145mm x D 11mm
    • Weight: 27g

    Leonardo Supernova Limited Edition

    A new explosion of color and a new "SUPERNOVA" design by Leonardo officina italiana!
    Turned from solid bar, entirely produced in Italy using the refined material "Primary manipulation 4" made in the USA by Jonathon Brooks (Carolina pen company).
    Produced in only 199 fountain pens for colors, available in 4 different metallic finishes: rose gold, silver, yellow gold and ruthenium.

    Leonardo Supernova Limited Edition - details
    Brand: Leonardo Officina Italiana
    Model: Supernova
    Material: Primary Manipulation 4 by brooks
    Feeder : Ebonite
    Nib: 14k gold available in EF, F, M, B, Stub1.1 and 2 flex nib: Elastic EF and F
    Metallic trims: rose gold, silver, yellow gold and ruthenium.
    Transparency window for ink inspection on the writing section
    Piston filler huge capacity 1,5ml. Possibility of disassembly with our tool (sold separately), all entirely produced in our workshops
    Each Supernova case includes a bottle of Leonardo ink.
    Limited Edition: 199 fountain pens for color
    Closed pen length: 150mm 
    Cap lenght: 69mm 
    Barrel lenght: 134mm (including nib) 
    Weight not inked: 34g 
    Max cap diameter: 17mm 
    Diameter writing section: 11,5mm



    After more than 60 years, here is the return of the legendary Parker 51.

    The tank with original colors of the era, in acrylic material with steel hood and in the version
    delux gold laminated hood

    Produced in two writing systems: Fountain and Sphere

    The fountain pen features the cartridge loading and converter with steel nib in the besic version and
    18kt gold nib in delux version with gold laminated hood and black tank or plum



    In just 80 pieces in Italy! Here are the Parker Jotters in the exclusive
    case with all 54 colors produced from 1954 to today ... A unique gift for all collectors and lovers of #Jotters


    Designed with the modern professional in mind, the functional, smart, and polished Parker IM Vibrant Rings fountain pen is sure to stand out in any workplace. By pairing all-black sleek and minimalist finishes with bold, vibrant ring accents in Amethyst Purple, it’s a luxury pen that knows how to make a great first impression through understated style. With over a century of in-house craftsmanship and expertise, this Parker pen features exclusive metal parts adorned with PVD coating that offers superior wear and corrosion resistance—as well as a distinctive look. Available in three writing modes : Ballpoint Pen, Rollerball Pen and Fountain Pen

    CAP : Stainless Steel with satin black lacquer with contrasting vibrant ring in Amethyst Purple
    BARREL : Stainless Steel with satin black lacquer
    CAP & BARREL BAND : Aluminium with colour pop anodisation in Amethyst Purple
    SHELL : Glossy Black shell and brass shell band/point with black PVD
    CLIP : Stainless Steel with black PVD Coating
    NIB : Stainless Steel/ Fountain pen nib in stainless steel with black PVD Coating


    Bononia, latin for Bologna, is a statement Tibaldi pen style celebrating the brand’s iconic heritage with a fresh new bohemian sweep on trends.

    Last edited in the ‘90s, the Bononia collection is offered today as an open edition of fountain, rollerball and ballpoint writing instruments, boasting lavish velvety colors of streaked pearlised resin with signature palladium trims. Truly a must-order piece of jewelry!



    The iconic Divina collection, with its distinctive spiral shape, is reinterpreted in an elegant and understated total matt black version.


    Featuring a 14 kt gold nib and Pull & Turn filling system, the Divina Matte fountain pen offers a smooth and enjoyable writing experience, perfect for everyday use.


    • Type: Fountain Pen
    • Colour: Black
    • Pen body: Over
    • Material: Acrylic resin
    • Nib: Au 14kt (big)
    • Nib Tip: EF / F / M / B / S
    • Nib colour: Ruthenium
    • Filling: Pull & Turn Piston
    • Closure type: Hook safe lock
    • Metal fittings: Ag925
    • Finishing: Rhutenium


    Lamy dialog cc

    The LAMY dialog cc, a new variant of the capless twist-action fountain pen LAMY dialog series.
    Equipped with the same ingenious twist mechanism as the LAMY dialog, the new LAMY dialog cc is smaller and more delicate and offers numerous possibilities for use thanks to its handy size.
    The Dialog cc is the successor to the Dialog 3, which was designed in 2009 by Franco Clivio designer.

    Lamy dialog ccThe nib:
    14k Gold nibs for the highest standards:

    Provide an especially elastic writing experience

    Produce a round and balanced typeface

    Increase the joy of using one’s own handwriting

    Lamy dialog cc -technological masterpiece:

    Worldwide-unique twist mechanism actuates partially platinised 14 carat gold nib as well as raising and lowering clip

    When the nib is retracted, the innovative ball valve protects it from dirt as well as from drying out

    High-quality materials with all models, from the nib to the clip: gold, platinum or palladium

    Cartridges or converters can be used

    Easy cleaning and maintenance

    The capless LAMY dialog fountain pen also fascinates with clever technology: with a simple twist, the nib glides elegantly from inside the body whilst the clip sinks into the casin.


    Lamy safari savannah Cozy Strawberry and Cream pen

    Lamy presents two safari special edition colors for 2022 Cozy Strawberry and Cream pen
    These fountain pens features a matte savannah green and terra red colored barrel and cap, black clip, and a black steel nib.
    When the LAMY safari is unveiled at the Frankfurt Fair in 1980, nobody guesses that it would one day be the best-selling fountain pen in the world! 40 years have passed but the Safari never gets old!
    These Safari fountain pen comes with a blue LAMY ink cartridge. If you'd like to use bottled fountain pen ink, you can also purchase a LAMY Z28 converter.

    Lamy safari
    Diameter of barrel:12.3mm
    Diameter of grip: 8.9mm
    Pen Length without cap:12.9 cm
    Length closed: 13.9 cm
    Length Posted:16.4 cm
    Weight:18 grams


    The return of the "DolceVita" About ten years have passed since Delta closed and the DolceVita, the pen with the red horn hidden inside the clasp,

    a symbol of excellence against misfortune, left the market. But it is in this February 2022 that Officina Leonardo has decided to give new life to the pen! Today the legendary “DolceVita” is available again! In the classic colors of the past: black, orange, blue and red with
    black hood! Fountain pen with double cartridge or converter filling system

  • PLATINUM Limited...

    The Fuji Shunkei series features a lineup of new fountain pens inspired by the
    seasonal scenery of Mount Fuji.
    The breathtaking landscapes coupled with the depth of the words create a stunning
    world view. Fuji Shunkei series is to express such a view through designs of fountain pens.

    #3776 CENTURY KINSHU #13 Hiiro
    The scenery of KINSHU
    The final model of the Fuji Shunkei series is #3776 CENTURY KINSHU. The
    Japanese word KINSHU refers to an autumn scenery covered with colorful leaves like
    an image of Nishiki textile, the luxurious Japanese brocade weaved with gold and
    silver threads. Such spectacular autumn scenery blanketed in fiery fall foliage is
    expressed on KINSHU.

    Engraving on the body
    The pattern on the body depicting the fiery fall foliage is reproduced through a
    detailed facet cutting. The scarlet color (Japanese color name Hiiro) used for the
    body also resembles the color of flame, inspired by autumn leaves. The body
    applied with intricate curves expresses refraction of light, together with the gold ring.
    The expression of Mount Fuji
    A small Mount Fuji is placed at the top of the pen, expressing the peak of
    mountain in fiery colors of autumn leaves.
    The expression of the cap ring
    The cap ring is decorated with elaborate three-dimensional letters.
    Serial number engraving
    This product will be limitedly produced and each pen is engraved with a three-dimensional serial number
    Together with the past editions that gained popularity for their intricate designs
    equivalent to a craftwork realized through an elaborate cutting process, the new
    fountain pen is highly collectible. Among the total of 10 models of the Fuji Five Lakes
    and the Fuji Shunkei series, KINSHU is the first model that employs a gold color trim.
    It is also ideal for fountain pen enthusiasts and collectors for its high rarity as the final
    model of The Fuji Shunkei series.


    Guilloche Black Edition

    The Guilloche series owes its name to the grain guilloche, an elaborate engraving that allows the surface relief to change depending on the incidence of light. Now it presents itself in a completely new, noble all-black look: the dark precious resin barrel is framed by black, high-gloss metal parts, which are provided with a particularly resistant PVD coating of titanium and give the writing instruments depth and elegance at the same time. 



    The iconic Visconti Opera Master returns to the collection in a version inspired by the mysterious ice deserts of Antarctica.
    The vast extents of ice and water that characterise Antarctica present us with a beautiful contrast of colours between white and light blue.
    Opera Master Antarctica recreates the cold landscapes of this unknown land by combining colours with the transparency of demonstrator pens, giving the illusion of an frozen object to the touch.

    Antarctica is Earth's southernmost continent.
    Situated almost entirely south of the Antarctic Circle and surrounded by the Southern Ocean, it contains the geographic South Pole.
    Antarctica is the fifth-largest continent, being nearly twice the size of Australia, and has an area of 14,200,000 km2 (5,500,000 sq mi).
    Most of Antarctica is covered by ice, with an average thickness of 1.9 km.
    Antarctica is on average the coldest, driest, and windiest of the continents, and has the highest average elevation. It is mainly a polar desert, with annual precipitation of 200 mm along the coast and far less inland.
    About 70% of the world's freshwater reserves are frozen there, which if melted would raise global sea levels by over 60 metres.

    Visconti OPERA MASTER ANTARCTICA - Dettagli
    Brand: Visconti
    Model: Opera Master
    Series: Antarctica
    Limited edition: 888 penne stilografiche 
    Colors: Light Blue and white
    Size: Oversize
    Materiale: Acrylic resin
    Ttpe: Fountain Pen , Roller
    Nib: 18kt Gold 
    Filling system: Power Filler Double Reservoir

  • VISCONTI Van Gogh Oiran

    The new release inspired by Van Gogh is Oiran, a collection that pays tribute to the painting of the same name (1887) with Japanese. The painter, in fact, made it during his period of Japonism, a term that indicates the attraction and interest of French painters of the time towards the art of the Rising Sun. The pen, in its nuances, incorporates some of the colors used from Van Gogh: on the barrel

    the shades are warm, while on the cap they are colder. To match perfectly, the upholstery metallic in yellow gold. The kit from the

    Van Gogh 2022 collection also pays homage to the painting that portrays a courtesan from a high village. The purple ink of the kit takes

    up one of the many shades of the traditional kimono worn by the woman in the painting.


    From the stars comes a new Montegrappa collection. Make room for the ZERO Zodiac collection. Each model of the ZERO Zodiac collection, made in twelve exclusive blends of handcrafted resin Montegrappite, boasts a unique constellation of personality and refined engineering. The bold metal badge represents each zodiac sign and replaces the ambigram under the sapphire crystal on the head. The design follows the ZERO specifications: ion-plated stainless steel in palladium, yellow gold or ultra black, all with contrasts between polished and satin. Each zodiac sign has its own finish color, which includes the color of the zodiac symbol. All regular edition models will be available in fountain pen, rollerball and ballpoint pen options. The fountain pens are cartridge / converter fed with stainless steel nib

    Future versions will be launched in advance of the membership dates of the signs:

    aquarium January 20 - February 18

    Fish February 19 - March 20

    Aries March 21 - April 19

    Bull April 20 - May 20

    Twins May 21 - June 20

    Cancer June 21 - July 22

    Leo July 23 - August 22

    Virgin August 23 - September 22

    Weight scale

    September 23 - October 22


    Since its premiere in 1930, The FIFA World Cup™️ has been staged every four years – pausing only for war. As the grand showcase of the global game, its sheer size and ability to stoke passions is without rival in sport.The bold precision of the prestige ZERO silhouette represents football’s past with pride. Columns of artisanal resin are fused into resilient Montegrappite finishes. Batch-blended by hand, no two pens are exactly alike.Recapture the spirit of famous FIFA World Cup™️ moments with an exclusive writing set. Companion journals feature recycled paper and official FIFA poster art – each artisanally made for Montegrappa by Arbos.

  • VAN GOGH Cafè Terrace...

    Thenew coloring of the Van Gogh collection is inspired by the Café Terrace at Night painting,

    painted by the Dutch artist in Arles, France, in 1888.

    The painting in question is characterized by a relaxed, almost dreamy stroke, in contrast with the usual nervous and fragmented brushstrokes, due to the serenity of this night in the French South. Once again the artist relies on completely to colors to convey his mood and in this case he chooses the contrast between yellow, orange, blue and green, which are taken up by Visconti for the creation of the new Van Gogh Cafè Terrace at Night. VAN GOGH - Cafè Terrace at Night. Fountain pen - Cartridge, converter


    Montegrappa Ambienti - Kaleido

    Utilitarian 1920s design.
    Now reinvented for the 2020s.
    Montegrappa Elmo Ambiente: the classic with a conscience.

    A range of artisanally blended resins gives new perspectives on a classic writing silhouette. Exotic, semi-translucent finishes offer insight into the science of fine writing – and a vision for doing things differently. Enjoy the honest, all-round performance of a writing tool that helped democratize writing. Available in fountain pen, rollerball and twist-action ballpoint modes Recovered materials from the beverage, food and cosmetics industries are repurposed into three spectacular finishes: Ocean, Charcoal and Kaleido Natural imperfections give every pen its own distinct personality. Take yours anywhere, with a complement of recycled accessories made by artisanal stationers, Arbos To create the Elmo Ambiente, Montegrappa has collaborated with Smile Plastics, a studio specialising in innovative architectural surfaces – whose client list includes many of the leading names in conscious design and fashion.

    Two colour ways are being made using a resin made from recycled packaging. “Ocean” celebrates marine beauty, while “Charcoal” is a wistful alternative to the anonymity of black-body writing instruments. Each features a translucency that offers a view onto the pen’s internal mechanisms and a reflection on its origins.
    “We were drawn by Smile’s resourcefulness and the raw honesty they bring to their products,” explains Aquila. As an enterprise founded by artisans, the Welsh studio has the kind of profile that Montegrappa looks for throughout its supply chain. Most of its collaborations are conducted with local Venetian businesses and span industries ranging from jewellery, marquetry, gastronomy and art.

    For the Elmo Ambiente, Montegrappa has also commissioned a suite of desk accessories from a local artisanal stationery supplier.
    Located only eight kilometres from Bassano, Arbos helped create products from reconstituted leather, textiles and paper – items that expand Montegrappa’s exploration of more sustainable production methods.

  • MONTEGRAPPA Smiley®...
    Most know Smiley® as the leading light in an expanding cast of digital characters, but past roles as a symbol of peace, partying and counterculture have given it a resumé rarely achieved in graphic design. Simple and direct, our essential ZERO silhouette heightens Smiley’s powers of positivity. A collaboration with André Saraiva salutes the design icon’s jubilee year in editions of 365. Take the time to smile!
    In 1972, a journalist at France-Soir had the idea of using a yellow smiley face to tag the day’s good-news stories. The practice caught on. Fifty years later, Smiley® is an icon and a global byword for positivity.
    A special one-off anniversary edition uses art by André Saraiva to celebrate five decades of positive vibes. Bright yellow graffiti script translates “Prenez le temps de sourire” – the original banner that greeted readers in 1972.
    Artistic subversion has always been a part of the Smiley® oeuvre. Here, a spray-paint icon cap and hand-enamelled slogan lend a smile to the enigmatic ZERO. Edition number and artist’s signature are engraved in metal.
    An extra dose of happiness greets fountain pen users every day: a beaming smile is engraved into a custom 14K yellow gold nib. Fuel it – and your imagination – with a complimentary bottle of special-edition Smiley® ink.
    Trim:IP Palladium
    Nib:14k Gold
    Filling System:Converter, Cartridge
    Included:Ink Bottle (50ml), Converter
    Length:143 mm
    Diameter:14.0 mm
    Weight:32.00 gr


    Deep truth is found in ancient wisdom. Famous verses and maxims are passed down the generations, providing strength and direction in moments of doubt.Proverbs from the minds of great Latin thinkers provide the inspiration for a new writing instrument by Montegrappa.
    Their intellectual eloquence is the compa-nion of the Extra Verses – a flagship pen made in strictly limited quantities.
    Carpe Diem!

    Montegrappa’s flagship pen strikes a new pose with an innovative new material.
    Sterling silver combines with immaculately carved Montegrappite artisanal resin.
    The organic, burgundy veins of Vinum Atrum symbolise the channelling of centuries-old wisdom.
    Since its reissue in 1999, the Montegrappa Extra’s vintage contours have become a favourite of the writing cognoscenti.
    The Montegrappa Extra Verses contains all the refinement expected of the Extra name, while paying tribute to the sages of ancient Rome.
    Their wise verses continue to offer guidance for modern life. Graceful design, rare materials and superlative handle are hallmarks of the Extra silhouette.
    Handcrafted in Italy’s first fountain pen factory, the Extra Verses recaptures the elegance of writing’s golden age, with enhancements facilitated by modern technology.
    Sterling-silver capband detailing recites Latin verses from the minds of Horace, Cicero and Seneca: Protinus vive (Live in the now), Historia magistra vitae (History is the teacher of life), Vivere est cogitare (To live is to think) and Carpe diem (Seize the day).
    State-of-the-art writing componentry features throughout a limited production of only 250 fountain pens – each fitted with a custom two-tone 18K gold nib.

    Brand: Montegrappa
    Model: Extra Verses
    Material: Montegrappite resin
    Trim: Sterling silver
    Filling system: stantuffo
    Nib: 18k Gold
    Limited: 250 fountain pens

    Lenght closed: 138 mm
    Diameter: 16,5 mm
    Weight: 40 grams

  • PELIKAN Souverän 605...

    SPECIAL EDITION - Souverän® 605 Tortoiseshell-Black

    Extremely aesthetic and elegant: this is how the attractive Special Edition Souverän 605 Tortoiseshell-Black presents itself. The distinctive series, consisting of a piston fountain pen and a ballpoint pen with twist mechanism, captivates with its appealing and individual play of colors with black and white

    nuances that make each writing instrument truly unique.

    The striking writing instruments are given a special shine by the characteristic double rings and the beak clip typical for Pelikan. The fountain pen also has a 14-carat gold nib, which is completely refined with rhodium, giving it its silver appearance. It ensures a particularly pleasant and soft writing experience. The piston fountain pen is optionally available in the nib widths EF, F, M or B. The ballpoint pen is equipped with a high-quality twist mechanism. The writing instruments will be available from June.

    All models in the Souverän 605 Tortoisehell-Black series are supplied in an elegant gift box.


    An extraordinary ink needs an extraordinary pen to match with. The new Classic 200 Golden Beryl creates the perfect fit together with the golden shimmering Edelstein® ink Golden Beryl. The slightly satined-transparent material allows a glimpse into the inside of the ink reservoir. If the pen is filled with Golden Beryl ink, it shows the fascinating flow of the golden shimmering elements swirling around when the pen is moved. At the same time the material itself glows in fine golden lights to harmonize with the ink impression. All decoration elements of this series are gold-plated. The Classic 200 Golden Beryl is offered as a fountain pen with differential piston mechanism. The highly polished stainless steel nib is offered in nib widths EF, F, M and B to match each handwriting preference. The ball pen is equipped with a push mechanism for an easy handling.

  • PELIKAN M205 DUO...

    Its back again: a fountain pen that serves two options. The M205 Duo Highlighter NEON is a really smart product idea: with a defined stroke of a BB-nib the lightening ink reminds you of all important written thoughts out of every text. May it be as a highlighted part in a text passage or written ideas in your own words. It writes and highlights, just as you like it to do. In its appearance the combination of highlighter

    ink and the new material of the fountain pen compete with each other for a remarkable result.

    This series is available as fountain pen only with differential piston mechnanism. All decorative elements as clip and rings are highly polished and silver-shiny. The stainless steel nib is engrained with the Pelikan logo and offers its service in the BB nib width. As a set of fountain pen together with the matching ink, this M205 Duo Highlighter NEON Yellow lights up every text as well as the eyes of the person using it.

  • PELIKAN Souverän 605...

    This distinctive new fine writing instruments series will convince you. These colours will brighten your day! The white parts are made of high-quality resin that is first

    turned and then polished to a high sheen. The barrel with the white and green stripes is made of cellulose acetate that was very carefully manufactured and turned into a sleeve.

    The characteristic double rings at the back of the barrel and on the cap are integrated into the material. This is done with the highest precision in order to obtain a virtually seamless

    transition between the materials. The fountain pen has a completely rhodinized 14 carat gold nib and will be available in 4 nib widths EF, F, M and B.

    The matching ballpoint pen has a twist-mechanism. Every single writing instrument is mounted by hand and carefully checked to fulfill the strictest quality criteria.

    The Souverän® 605 Green-White is encased in a specially designed gift box.  in limited stocks


    This limited edition Conklin Duragraph fountain pen has a clear resin base, with flecks of brown and black. It is complemented with black trim and fills via standard international converter or cartridge (both included). The Conklin Duragraph fountain pen is now offered with your choice of a reliable, smooth-writing German made JoWo #6 black steel nib in extra-fine, fine, medium, broad, or 1.1mm stub, or the Omniflex flexible black steel nib for variation in line width.

    Each pen is individually numbered out of 1898. This Duragraph Earth color is part of the Duraflex Elements collection, consisting of Earth, Fire, and Water.


    It is the unrivalled interplay between excellence and advancement that makes an Expert stand out. This same mastery is reflected in the new Waterman Expert Metallic Special Edition Collection, creating a Fine Writing instrument for true experts in their fields. Made with 130 years of craftsmanship and shaped by the finest contemporary French design trends, this collection is not only a stylish companion in everyday successes but also an outstanding lifestyle accessory. The exclusively crafted pen feature black ruthenium-plated trims, black PVD-coated stainless steel nib, and metallic effect lacquer and is, quite simply, made to stand out. Made in France, benefitting from Waterman’s in house craftsmanship.


    Stipula Adagio is a collection of writing instruments made with translucent faceted resins. It's comes from the praise of the slowness that in great music takes its name "Adagio". A slow and relaxed time that reconciles with reflection and calmness.

    The piston filler mechanism of this Stilpula Adagio fountain pen features a fixed piston operated by the rotating knob located on body. Cap and body have eight facets, with resin materials rich of colors and shading.


    Aurora 88 Blue Mamba limited edition

    The 88 Mamba becomes of intense an Blue color to be even more elegant and refined !

    Fountain pen with 18kt. blue solid gold nib available in EF,F,M and B.
    On request, we can offer the pen with Italic and "Goccia" nib.
    Cap and barrel in blue resin with rivisited guilloché “grana di riso”.
    Special blue pvd satin grip section.
    Satin PVD blue trims.
    Filling System: Piston
    The Blue Mamba is a limited edition of 888 numbered fountain pens.


    Penna stilografica Pen of the Year 2022 M

    The Pen of the Year 2022 is inspired by the Aztecs, their culture, aesthetics and religious rituals. The rare gemstone turquoise was considered one of the most valuable treasures of the Aztecs. The blue-green stone was used as a decoration on knives, shields and masks. In the end piece of the barrel, as well as in the top of the cap, the turquoise is embedded in form of small discs. An engraving in the turquoise shows the eagle and the god of the dead adorned with feathers, reflecting the power and aesthetics associated with him. The charcoal-grey barrel of the Pen of the Year 2022, which has a diamond-like carbon coating, is adorned with countless small skulls, which are inspired by the walls found in Temple Mayor, which were built from skulls lined up in rows. The grip of the Pen of the Year 2022 is made of obsidian, a precious stone of volcanic origin. Thus, each Pen of the Year 2022, limited to 375 fountain pens and 125 rollerballs, is unique. According to prophecy, the Aztecs were to find their new home at the place where an eagle sitting on a cactus devours a snake. This cactus is embodied in the shape of the cap of the Pen of the Year 2022. The Aztecs settled in the place that is now known as one of the largest cities in the world: Mexico City.


    About the Finish

    Modern black PVD finish with a sandblasted, fine micro-knurl texture
    Matte black PVD appointments and polished black grip
    About the Tip
    Hand-finished, precision ground stainless steel nib plated with polished black PVD
    Choose fine or medium nib width
    Finely-ribbed grip with polished finish
    Click-off cap
    Specially formulated ink flows flawlessly and dries quickly
    Includes two black fountain pen cartridges (#8921) that are as neat and easy to use as a ballpoint or rollerball refill
    Optional converter available (#8756) to fill pen from bottled ink

    Cross Classic Century Brushed - Details:
    Brass accesories finished with multiple layers of glossy black lacquer by PVD (physical vapor deposition) technology.
    Stainless steel clip finished with multiple layers of glossy black lacquer


    Perfect Pencil Anniversary Edition 260th years Faber-Castell
    The pleasure of writing and drawing with a classic pencil depends a good deal on it being well sharpened. But where is the best place to keep a sharpener so that it is always to hand? The Perfect Pencil provides a simple but elegant answer: just where it is needed, on the pencil itself, built into the protective cap that also serves to extend the pencil in use. With the replaceable eraser under the end cap, you have everything together in an ideally compact form and always ready for use: for writing, correcting, and sharpening.

    Perfect Pencil Anniversary Edition 260th years Faber-Castell - Product details

    Perfect Pencil 260th Anniversary edition

    Limited to 750 pieces with engraved serial number in the clip ring of the extender

    PVD coating made of titanium in anthracite

    Faceted jade stone adorns the top of the cap

    Delicate engraved cap with stylised pencils as reference to Faber- Castell

    Extender with built-in sharpener

    Eraser under the top of the cap of the pencil

    Finely fluted black pocket pencil with B lead

    High- quality wooden gift box with certificate of the limitation


    Pininfarina Cambiano Modulo Limited Edition

    The Ferrari 512S Modulo is a concept sports car designed by Paolo Martin of the Italian carrozzeria Pininfarina, unveiled at the 1970 Geneva Motor Show.
    The Modulo has an extremely low and wedge-shaped body, with a canopy-style glass roof that slides forward to permit entry to the cabin of the car.
    All four wheels are partly covered. Another special feature of the design are 24 holes in the engine cover that reveal the Ferrari V12 engine which develops 550 hp (410 kW) to propel the Modulo to a top speed of around 220 mph (354 km/h) and from 0–60 mph (97 km/h) in approximately 3.0 seconds!

    Pininfarina Cambiano Modulo Limited Edition - Details:
    An exclusive box set in which the iconic Pininfarina Cambiano is once again the star.
    This incomparable Limited Edition, composed of only 500 pieces (250 Ethergraf version and 250 Ink version), celebrates the futuristic Ferrari 512S Pininfarina Modulo.
    The white lacquered finish with the thin red line, recalls the original livery of the 1970 concept car.
    Even Poste Italiane, at the end of 2020 decided to celebrate this model with the launch of a commemorative 50th anniversary stamp, dedicated precisely to the 50th anniversary.
    The Cambiano MODULO luxury box also includes this stamp, in a small case with magnetic clasp.


    The orterra was born as a tanker to trade between Spain and Italy. In memory of these courageous enterprises, through the supervision and approval of the Arditi Incursori
    Marina National Association, the "OLTERRA" automatic watch was created, a diver up to a thousand meters deep.
    with steel case, 120 clicks unidirectional rotating bezel, double sealing o-ring, automatic helium ejection
    valve, anti-reflective sapphire crystal, shaded dark dial, "torpedo" spheres. Diameter 45 mm

  • AURORA Trilobiti

    Aurora Trilobiti Collection

    The new Aurora Trilobiti collection is born, inspired by the transparencies of marine animal fossils that extinct about 65 million years ago.
    Aurora was inspired by the harmony of its typical wrapped spiral shape and in its divine proportion to create a New Limited Edition collection.
    A series of transparent resin fountain pens with colored nibs, wrapped in elegant satin finishes.

    Aurora Trilobiti Cioccolato - details
    Fountain pen with 18 kt. solid gold nib brown.
    Cap and barrel in transparent resin.
    Color: Cioccolato
    Brown satin trims.
    Limited Edition of only 388 pieces.
    Filling system: Piston
    Eclusive 18k Gold  PVD Brown nib.
    The Aurora Trilobiti comes in an elegant case in black lacquered wood.

    Aurora Trilobiti Cobalto - details
    Fountain pen with 18 kt. solid gold nib Blue.
    Cap and barrel in transparent resin.
    Color: Blue cobalt
    Blue satin trims.
    Limited Edition of only 388 pieces.
    Filling system: Piston
    Eclusive 18k Gold  PVD Blue nib.
    The Aurora Trilobiti comes in an elegant case in black lacquered wood.


    Ballpoint pen, fountain pen, mechanical pencil and roller pen: the iconic collection from Caran d’Ache with its timeless design is now complete.

    Thanks to its hexagonal shape, its XL size and its liquid ink cartridge, the Roller 849 offers an entirely new writing experience. It combines the simplicity of use of a ballpoint pen and the smooth writing of a fountain pen. Its proportions ensure perfect handling for unrivalled writing comfort.

    Fitted with a liquid ink cartridge, the Roller 849 produces a smooth, regular result from the moment the ink hits the page, drying in only a few seconds. Retractable and capless, it is the ideal writing companion regardless of whether you are at work, at home or on the road. A longlasting, 100% Swiss Made associate thanks to its replaceable ink cartridge and its highly-resistant metal body.

    The hexagonal body is available in different colours, both trendy and timeless. This new means of writing completes the 849 collection, which continues to grow and remains a firm favourite among aficionados of design and writing.

  • Kaweco Collection...

    The Kaweco Sport Iridescent Pearl is a fountain pen in an unimagined variety of colours: depending on the viewer's angle of vision and the light, the writing instrument shines in an uniquely shimmering colour scheme. Imitating the optical effect of a pearl, the translucent material of the fountain pen shines in colours ranging from soft green-blue to pink. The pen has silver-coloured elements like lettering, logo cap and nib, reflecting its cool look and feel. It comes in matching packaging.

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