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    Montblanc Heritage Egyptomania

    Montblanc’s new Heritage Egyptomania collection of writing instruments features design and authentic hieroglyphics from ancient Egypt.
    The newest Heritage collection is the Montblanc Heritage Egyptomania writing instrument that offers a modern take on the century-old classic fountain pen.
    The design elements of the pens were created in partnership with an expert in Egyptology.

    The Montblanc Egyptomania is available as a ballpoint pen, roller and fountain pen.

    The Heritage Egyptomania is decorated with a set of authentic hieroglyphics that translate into the word “Montblanc” with the symbols translating to “white stone mountain.”
    The Black Heritage Egyptomania Resin is fitted with a 14K gold nib.
    Filling system: Piston
    The octagonal cap and barrel are finished in precious black resin with authentic hieroglyphics and vintage gold-coated trims.
    The hieroglyphics are taken from a passage of the “Book of the Dead” of Hunefer, a royal scribe who lived during the 19th century (1300 B.C).


    The Blue World

    Das blaue Edelharz des Schreibgeräts ist eine Hommage an die Weltmeere, während die durchsichtige Kuppel unterhalb des Emblems an die Erde erinnert, die über dem Mondhorizont aufgeht – betrachtet aus der Weltraumperspektive. Die polierte platinierte Kappe steht für den Astronauten, der abgewinkelte Clip und die Kuppel haben die Form einer Rakete, während der Schraubmechanismus der Kappe an Vorderteil und Konus an einen Astronauten erinnert, der seinen Helm an einem Weltraumanzug befestigt. Die StarWalker Reihe umfasst eine vollständig blaue Edelharz-Edition mit kontrastierenden platinierten Beschlägen, eine Doué-Edition mit platinierter Kappe und platiniertem Vorderteil und eine Metall-Edition mit Guilloché-Wassermolekül-Muster samt durchsichtig blauer Lackierung, in Anlehnung an im Sonnenlicht schimmerndes Wasser. Die StarWalker Blue Planet Edition wird ergänzt durch ein Augmented Paper sowie eine Auswahl passender Schreibwaren und Accessoires.

    Die meisten von uns erhalten in ihrem Leben nicht die Möglichkeit, ins All zu reisen, doch die StarWalker Kollektion lädt dazu ein, uns wieder mit unserem Planeten zu verbinden, seine Wunder zu schätzen und seine Zerbrechlichkeit anzuerkennen. Mehr als 80 % der Weltmeere sind noch nicht kartografiert und erforscht. Dies macht sie so geheimnisvoll wie das weite Weltall und erinnert uns daran, dass es noch immer Grenzen gibt, die darauf warten, entdeckt, erfahren und beschrieben zu werden.


    The Montblanc Writers Edition Homage to Hugo Limited Edition, made of black precious resin with platinum-coated fittings, is dedicated to this literary genius whose life and works shaped the French nation. The edition is inspired in many details by Victor Hugo’s novel and by Notre-Dame. The cap is decorated with gothic arches in relief, and the end of the clip, which is shaped like the clapper of a bell, recalls the bell ringer Quasimodo and the bells of Notre-Dame. Victor Hugo’s signature is engraved on the cap.


    Montblanc Le Petit Prince and Planet special edition

    Few pieces of writing have captured the imaginations of both adults and children like Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s Le Petit Prince.
    Through the allegorical encounter between a crashed pilot and the otherworldly prince, Saint-Exupéry gently invites us to look deeper inside our hearts. Supplementing the previous topics of friendship and mentorship, the third and last series of the Meisterstück Le Petit Prince Special Edition collection affirms the importance of fostering a nurturing relationship with our planet and environment – the home in which we live and the place where relationships bloom.

    The way the prince takes care of his tiny home, asteroid B 612, weeding out bad seeds and protecting his beloved rose, is a timely reminder for us to cherish our own fragile planet. Saint-Exupéry shares his Le Petit Prince philosophy with us using subtle examples of nurture and care. That’s why the iconic Meisterstück, a precious treasure that can be handed down from one generation to the next, along with the ideas, memories and the lessons it bears, is our ode to the transmission of this wisdom. The wisdom of love The three Meisterstück Le Petit Prince editions embody the unforgettable parables featuring the fox, the aviator and the prince’s planet, teaching us that what truly matters in life is creating meaningful connections, fostering creativity and nurturing love.

    The polished burgundy-coloured precious resin on the cap and barrel of the Meisterstück Le Petit Prince Precious Resin Le Grand and Meisterstück Le Petit Prince Precious Resin Classique references the prince’s beloved rose.
    The handcrafted 14ct gold nib of the fountain pen features a design of the prince weeding his planet - a symbol of love expressed through caring for others.
    The clip of every edition is adorned with a lacquered gold-coloured star, a reference to Le Petit Prince’s advice to remember his laugh by simply looking at the stars above.
    The cap of each writing instrument is etched with the expressive words of the fox: “On ne voit bien qu’avec le coeur” (“One sees clearly only with the heart”).
    Each Meisterstück Le Petit Prince edition reaffirms the belief that writing is a gift, passed on with a positive message, just like the ideas, dreams and lessons Le Petit Prince has been sharing with us for over 75 years.


    Montblanc Patron of Art 4810 Moctezuma

    Moctezuma I was crowned ruler of the great Aztec Empire in 1440, thereby ushering in the golden age of the Aztecs. During his reign, he shaped the image of the Aztec state that we are familiar with today – a state rich in culture and mythology.
    The capital city Tenochtitlán, today’s Mexico City, blossomed under his rule. The Montblanc Patron of Art Homage to Moctezuma I Limited Edition 4810 with champagne-tone gold-coated fittings is dedicated to this supreme ruler of one of the most special cultures in world history.
    The overall design is inspired by an atlatl, an Aztec spear-throwing device. The shape of the cone, refined with a hammer finish, is based on an Aztec sacrificial knife with an obsidian blade.
    The lacquer colours - petrol and carmine red - are inspired by the colours of the royal cloak. Two hieroglyphs decorating the cap are symbolizing the years of Moctezuma I's reign.
    The handcrafted Au 750 solid gold nib is adorned with a fine engraving inspired of the Aztec glyph for the city of Tenochtitlán: a three-armed cactus with a royal diadem and two scrolls.

  • PARKER 51


    After more than 60 years, here is the return of the legendary Parker 51.

    The tank with original colors of the era, in acrylic material with steel hood and in the version
    delux gold laminated hood

    Produced in two writing systems: Fountain and Sphere

    The fountain pen features the cartridge loading and converter with steel nib in the besic version and
    18kt gold nib in delux version with gold laminated hood and black tank or plum



    ZERO is a new Signature family of Montegrappa writing instruments – the first tier of a Contemporary Collection that fuses modernist Italian lines with mechanical precision and refinement. Inspired by prestige timepieces, an innovative crown features sapphire glass set in a miniature bezel. The Montegrappa ZERO is designed to complement the wrist as well as the hand. A muscular, chamfered clip provides authoritative pocket presence. Made of brass, our pocket-clips are stress-tested for more than 20,000 actions and proudly brandish Montegrappa’s famous script logo. ZERO is made in fountain pen, rollerball and slimline ballpoint modes. Fountain pens are fitted with a converter/cartridge-fed nib, available in  steel.



    Solidarity Edition

    Montegrappa again links arms with WoW - Wheels on Waves, the non-profit operators of the world’s first universally accessible yacht. Andrea Stella’s catamaran ‘Lo Spirito di Stella’ promotes the United Nations vision of a world without architectural barriers – offering crew with limited mobility the voyage of a lifetime. A portion of proceeds from every purchase supports Andrea’s vital mission.


    Trim:stainless steel
    Filling System:converter, cartridge
    Length:142 mm
    Diameter:14.8 mm
    Weight:26.60 gr

    Visconti Homo Sapiens Lava Color

    We are proud to present our new creation the Homo Sapiens Lava Color, the first collection to showcase our 14 kt gold nib made in Visconti factory.
    This vibrant and colorful writing instrument is a re interpretation of our iconic Homo Sapiens collection.
    The pen is made from the Visconti’s well known and highly valued material Lava Color is the perfect union of catalyzed Mount Etna basaltic lava and colored resin made following Visconti secret formula.
    This new edition also has an anti stain treatment that protects the pen and prevents ink from depositing on the pen during the refilling phase Homo Sapiens.
    Lava Color comes in three nature inspired colors the Ash White the red earth pigment Terra di Siena and Tuff a type of rock made of volcanic ash ejected from a vent during a volcanic eruption.
    Unlike the classic Homo Sapiens Lava collection, the Lava Color features magnetic lock closing system which makes opening and closing it effortless
    The Lava Color is the perfect addition to the Homo Sapiens family, an absolute must have for colour and nature lovers.

    COLOUR SHADES: The process of catalysing the lava material with coloured resin is very complex but the final look of the pen is unique and makes this collection stand out from other Homo Sapiens editions.
    ANTI STAIN TREATMENT: Due to the fact that the material is basaltic lava, the pen has a high degree of absorption and it is very hygroscopic. In order to avoid ink stains, the pen has to be treated with an anti stain treatment.
    We recommend to clean the pen with Visconti blotting paper every time you fill it, to ensure that any ink stain has been removed from the section.

    The Visconti Homo Sapiens Lava Color features the patented Power Filler filling system.
    The fountain pen is equipped with a plunger for filling directly from the inkwell.
    At the back end of the barrel, unscrew the blind cap (
    Pull the rod all the way out
    Be careful if the pen is filled could come out a little bit of ink. Submerge the nib into the ink until the front end of the grip section .
    Depress the plunger downward with one single stroke. Count to five slowly, allowing the pen to fill and then remove from the ink .
    Screw the blind cap back into the barrel end 
    Dry the nib and the conductor with the blotting paper. We recommend cleaning the writing set, nib and conductor, periodically by filling and emptying the pen continuously with water.
    This operation is essential if the pen is not used for a long time.

    Visconti Homo Sapiens Lava Color - Dettagli:
    Brand: Visconti
    Model: Homo Sapiens Lava Color
    Material: Lava Basaltica and Resin
    Nib: 14k Gold
    Filling system: Power Filler
    Clip: Logo Visconti laser engraved
    Finish: Black PVD


    This new edition showcases all the unique benefits of the original award -winning Homo

    Sapiens with the combination of the new transparent crystal windows and patented double reservoir filling system

    . The Homo Sapiens Crystal Dream DR is a unique demonstrator with a large window cut into the pens barrel offering

    a view of stored ink in the larger ink reservoir and a smaller window behind the pen’s grip offering a view of stored

    ink in the pen’s second smaller ink reservoir. The Homo Sapiens Crystal Dream DR is a must have for a true Visconti

    fountain pen collector.

    Product ID: New

    Material: Lava/transparent acrylic
    Colors: Lava, transparent
    Dimensions: Over
    Weight 45,7 gr
    Writing system: FP
    Nib: 18kt (big), rose gold
    Filling system: FP

    Power Filler Double Reservoir

    Metal: Solid bronze

    Closing system: Hook safe lock

    Clip: Bronze, enameled with black

    Trim: Bronze


    Van Gogh Old vineyard with peasant woman
    Visconti presents a new festive edition of the Van Gogh series inspired by one of the artist’s last paintings.
    This elegant kit is the perfect piece for Visconti fans to add to their collection but it will be also a perfect gift for those who are yet to explore the magic world of Visconti.

    Vincent van Gogh (1853 1890), Auvers sur Oise, May 1890.
    Van Gogh spent the last few months of his life in Auvers sur Oise, a small quiet town just north of Paris, after he left the asylum in Saint Rémy in May 1890.
    The painter was highly productive in Auvers and often went out into the countryside to work in the open air and paint landscapes with cottages and rural scenes.
    Van Gogh began the painting of a vineyard with a pencil drawing. Then he added oil paint and watercolour in many different shades of blue. He painted some of the roofs red, but these have since faded to brown.
    Because he left large areas of the paper blank, the colour white plays a large role in the scene.
    The drawing Old vineyard with peasant woman is in the collection of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

    The “Old vineyard with peasant edition is presented in an elegant white box with a new Visconti logo and a picture of the Van Gogh painting it is dedicated to.
    The combination of white, grey and blue shades recalls winter motives and festive season.

    Visconti Van Gogh Old vineyard with peasant woman Pen features:
    Fountain pen : comes with a dedicated ink bottle and a bookmark.
    The pen is enriched by the personalized nib.
    Rollerball : comes with a dedicated bookmark
    Ballpoint : comes with a dedicated bookmark

    Visconti Van Gogh Old vineyard with peasant woman - Details:
    Brand: Visconti
    Collection: Van Gogh
    Materials: resin
    Colour: White, grey and blue
    Type: Fountain Pen, Rollerball and Ballpoint pen
    Nib: Van Gogh steel nib available in Fine, Medium and Broad.
    Filling System: cartridge/converter (included)
    Clip: Laser engraved with the Visconti logo
    Finish: Palladium plated



    Deep truth is found in ancient wisdom. Famous verses and maxims are passed down the generations, providing strength and direction in moments of doubt.Proverbs from the minds of great Latin thinkers provide the inspiration for a new writing instrument by Montegrappa.
    Their intellectual eloquence is the compa-nion of the Extra Verses – a flagship pen made in strictly limited quantities.
    Carpe Diem!

    Montegrappa’s flagship pen strikes a new pose with an innovative new material.
    Sterling silver combines with immaculately carved Montegrappite artisanal resin.
    The organic, burgundy veins of Vinum Atrum symbolise the channelling of centuries-old wisdom.
    Since its reissue in 1999, the Montegrappa Extra’s vintage contours have become a favourite of the writing cognoscenti.
    The Montegrappa Extra Verses contains all the refinement expected of the Extra name, while paying tribute to the sages of ancient Rome.
    Their wise verses continue to offer guidance for modern life. Graceful design, rare materials and superlative handle are hallmarks of the Extra silhouette.
    Handcrafted in Italy’s first fountain pen factory, the Extra Verses recaptures the elegance of writing’s golden age, with enhancements facilitated by modern technology.
    Sterling-silver capband detailing recites Latin verses from the minds of Horace, Cicero and Seneca: Protinus vive (Live in the now), Historia magistra vitae (History is the teacher of life), Vivere est cogitare (To live is to think) and Carpe diem (Seize the day).
    State-of-the-art writing componentry features throughout a limited production of only 250 fountain pens – each fitted with a custom two-tone 18K gold nib.

    Brand: Montegrappa
    Model: Extra Verses
    Material: Montegrappite resin
    Trim: Sterling silver
    Filling system: stantuffo
    Nib: 18k Gold
    Limited: 250 fountain pens

    Lenght closed: 138 mm
    Diameter: 16,5 mm
    Weight: 40 grams


    It is something we are often told, but it is never
    too obvious: plastic is dangerous

    .Indeed, even though the subject has fortunately become of global importance, how aware of it are we really?

    Visconti launches ECO- LOGIC, the first eco -friendly Visconti pen!

    It is a pen made from bioplastic obtained from hemp plants,
    a non -polluting material that is equally very durable Plastic hemp materials are obtained from the stem of the plant . The stem provides a high quantity of cellulose, from which a strong and flexible plastic is obtained by means of processing it What makes hemp the perfect plant for producing bioplastics are its high quantity of cellulose and its low environmental impact cultivation characteristics

    Visconti has chosen to make this eco -friendly pen, not so much because a pen can make a difference, but to remind us that all of us can make a difference

    . ECO - LOGIC is the pen with which we have chosen to write our future!

    Product ID: New
    Material: Hemp bioplastic
    Color: Red, blue, black
    Dimension: Regular
    Nib: Steel
    Filling system: Cartridge/Converter

    Metal: Brass

    Closing system: Magnetic
    Box: Box 01 dedicated
    Clip: Logo Visconti
    Finishes: Palladium plated


    The collection is made of palmellated leather with a very high water-resistant and scratch-resistant quality
    highly durable On all products the official Visconti logo, the " and the name of the VSCT collection,
    tone-toned are printed The VSCT collection features a gold zip whose dedicated cursor
    is inspired by the distinctive Visconti nib This precious detail enriches the products by transforming them
    in "must have" objects
    The interiors are carefully studied and selected the Mondial, synthetic skin for softness and practicality of cleaning
    the flotilla to securely store even the most precious pens and silk to protect credit cards


    This limited edition Conklin Duragraph fountain pen has a clear resin base, with flecks of brown and black. It is complemented with black trim and fills via standard international converter or cartridge (both included). The Conklin Duragraph fountain pen is now offered with your choice of a reliable, smooth-writing German made JoWo #6 black steel nib in extra-fine, fine, medium, broad, or 1.1mm stub, or the Omniflex flexible black steel nib for variation in line width.

    Each pen is individually numbered out of 1898. This Duragraph Earth color is part of the Duraflex Elements collection, consisting of Earth, Fire, and Water.


    Lamy safari Candy special edition 2020

    Many attractive colours, timeless design, perfect ergonomics. These are just some of the reasons that the LAMY safari is one of the most popular writing instruments for young people.
    Produced from high-quality ABS plastic, the LAMY safari Candy is especially robust and features a distinctive recessed grip that guarantees writing comfort.
    All of this together makes this Wolfgang Fabian model both a loyal and reliable companion – whether at school, on the job or during leisure time.
    The new LAMY Safari Candy collection is available as a fountain pen, rollerball pen and ballpoint pen
    Safari Candy is available in 3 colours: Aquamarine, Violet and Mango!
    The safari Candy edition comes with a Steel nib / with ink cartridge LAMY 
    The Safari Candy Limited Edition 2020 will be sold for a limited period of time.


    The Lamy AL-star is the attractive, young writing instrument which satisfies even the highest requirements. Made of feather-light robust aluminium, anodised in various colours. With distinctive transparent grip and spring-action metal clip.

    Aluminium, turmaline metallic anodized / metal clip / ergonomic plastic grip / steel nib, polished / with ink cartridge LAMY T 10 blue / can be used with the converter LAMY Z 28


    The Leonardo da Vinci Pen
    A tribute to the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death, Montegrappa’ s Leonardo da Vinci collection consists of fountain and rollerball pens, each type limited to 500 unique, numbered examples. The Leonardo da Vinci writing instruments are made in beautifully contrasting materials, binding nature with technology: fine, aged olive wood for the barrel and satin stainless steel with brass details for the pen cap and trim. The cap top is molded in the shape of a peg of the era in which Leonardo lived, representative as a principle element of construction and mechanics. The cap body and signature clip are made of stainless steel fashioned in fretworks according to da Vinci’s major geometric theories and concepts. The cap’s inner core is crafted in brass, the metal of choice for engineers during the time of da Vinci. Its intricate low-relief engravings represent some of his recurrent technical drawings. The pens’ grip section in stainless steel is decorated with laser etchings of Leonardo’s stereometric half-moons, the so-called transformations of
    the lunules. The fountain pen is piston-fed and its nib is made in 18k gold. Further to convey an appreciation of Leonardo’s impact, the collection’s packaging is interactive. It houses a dissembled scale model of da Vinci’s fighting vehicle for the pen’s owner to construct.


    Leonardo Momento Zero GRANDE

    The new Leonardo Momento Zero GRANDE (BIG) 
    The Leonardo Momento Zero GRANDE is available with steel nib size
    The ebonite Feeder is produced by Leonardo workshops
    The piston (1.2ml capacity!) it is a giant converter not removable.
    The new Leonardo Momento Zero Grande comes in a new box that included 1 Leonardo ink bottle.
    The clip is thinner than the regular Momento Zero and refers to the clips of Italian pen companies of the 1930s, the same of the final part of the cap.

    Leonardo Momento Zero GRANDE......simply another italian excellence!

    Leonardo Momento Zero GRANDE - Dimension:
    Lenght closed: 15,00 cm
    Lenght capped: 17,18 mm.
    Lenght uncapped: 13,3 cm.
    Weight: 35,3 grams
    Ink capacity: 1,2 ml.

    Leonardo Momento Zero GRANDE....a true Masterpiece!!!


    Dante Alighieri plays a fundamental role as founding fathers of the Italian language. Through his most important work, "The Divine Comedy", is a source of inspiration for lovers of art and literature. We are pleased to introduce our fountain pen Dante Purgatorio, continuation of a journey that began with Pen Dante Inferno, hoping that it can leave a sign also in Dantes Paradise. Fountain pen with 18kt. solid gold nib rhodium-treated, with chrome trims. Cap, barrel and bottom in blue lacquer, ring in light blue lacquer simbolizing the Purgatory.Engraving of Dante Alighieris silhouette on top of the cap. Details of the decorations of laurel leaves and
    italian ag on the ring. 1.265 Limited numbered Editions.

    The pen is housed in a stylish packaging, sophisticated as the pen inside. It is covered by a sleeve dedicated to the "Purgatory" of " Divine Commedy " 

  • LAMY STUDIO 2019

    The special elegance of the LAMY studio demonstrates just how close design and art can be. The propeller-shaped clip accents the pen’s innovative form.


    Fountain pen Anello Rose Gold Oblique/ Medium

    The Classic Anello series illustrates show our writing culture can be enriched by some unusual nuances. What makes these writing implements so captivating is the superior materials and the fascinating contrast between them. The multiple segments, separated by fine platinum rings, give this series its name: anello is Italian for ring.


    • All fountain pens come equipped with a converter
    • Hand-made bicoloured 18-carat gold nib with iridium tip, run in by hand
    • Manufacturing process involves over a hundred steps, most of them carried out by hand

    About the Finish

    Modern black PVD finish with a sandblasted, fine micro-knurl texture
    Matte black PVD appointments and polished black grip
    About the Tip
    Hand-finished, precision ground stainless steel nib plated with polished black PVD
    Choose fine or medium nib width
    Finely-ribbed grip with polished finish
    Click-off cap
    Specially formulated ink flows flawlessly and dries quickly
    Includes two black fountain pen cartridges (#8921) that are as neat and easy to use as a ballpoint or rollerball refill
    Optional converter available (#8756) to fill pen from bottled ink

    Cross Classic Century Brushed - Details:
    Brass accesories finished with multiple layers of glossy black lacquer by PVD (physical vapor deposition) technology.
    Stainless steel clip finished with multiple layers of glossy black lacquer


    Platinum Century  Nice

    Type: Fountain Pens

    Body Material: Trasparent resin
    Body color: Demonstrator
    Bottled inks, Proprietary ink cartridges
    Filling Mechanism: Cartridge, Converter
    Nib: 14kt Gold


    Platinum Curidas

    The history of knock-type fountain pen:
    The first retractable fountain pen “Platinum Knock” was announced in 1965.
    2020 marks PLATINUM PEN’s 101 year since its establishment.
    The re-innovated retractable fountain pen “CURIDAS” inherits the foundation and spirits of 55 years old Platinum Knock.

    Platinum Curidas.....Stirs up your curiosity Start writing anywhere with one simple click!

    In the rapidly changing world around us today, speed is becoming more important in business.
    With the new Platinum CURIDAS retract- able fountain pen, no longer need to worry about having trouble opening a cap when you have the other hand full and miss a chance to take a note on important occasions, which is one of the common problems seen with capped fountain pens.
    CURIDAS is a coined term created by combining the Japanese word referring to extending the pen tip CURIDASU and Curiosity.
    The new fountain pen was brought to life to fulfill people’s curiosity.

    Keep the nib from drying out to provide a smooth writing at any time.
    High sealed nib pocket, made of soft material enhances airtightness.
    The size of the nib pocket is minimized to keep the nib moisturized.
    Let you experience the comfort with advanced technology and design.
    Slim and long-shaped nib gives easier control of pen tip when you write.
    Lineup includes extra-fine nib that is suitable for filling in small spaces such as pocket diary.
    Well-designed clip is not obstructive to your hand.
    Clip can be removed optionally.

    Platinum Curidas - details:
    Brand: Platinum
    Model: Curidas
    Platinum code: PKN-7000
    Writing type: Fountain Pen
    Filling System: cartridge/converter (not included)

    Steel nib


    The clean lines and selected materials of these slim writing implements make an excellent impression. They are distinguished by clear-cut visual design combined with professional functionalism.


    Parker Jotter XL Monochrome

    With the Jotter XL Monochrome Collection, Parker introduces four contemporary, fully monochromatic finishes to its range.
    A tribute to Parker's commitment to superior craftsmanship and attention to detail, each component – from the trademarked arrow clip and distinctive 'Click' button, to the cap and barrel – has been carefully refined.
    Jotter XL Monochrome Collection. Iconic, down to the last detail.

    Jotter XL monochrome pens are available in 4 finish: Gold, Pink gold, Steel HT and Black
    THE REFILL: Quinkflow® technology for a smoother, cleaner & more consistent writing performance, in a word the greatest Parker ballpoint ever.



    Revolution.....The most well-known pen of PARAFERNALIA®. Designed in 1978 by Sergio Carpani as an object to commemorate the construction of the Beaubourg in Paris, REVOLUTION continues to attract the attention of newer generations of professionals and aficionados.
    With its 31 pieces entirely produced in Italy and entirely assembled by hand, it is one of the symbols of “Made in Italy”.

    REVOLUTION – 1971-1972

    The story of REVOLUTION pen as told by his designer, Sergio Carpani. As a result of several years of internal struggles in PARAFERNALIA , we managed to direct PARAFERNALIA to concentrate on Design.
    1971 Alchimia Studio – an architect company of that time, requested a pen with an extreme design (HI-TECH) no one at PARAFERNALIA thought it might be done.
    The philosophy behind Design is primarily the optimization, the essentiality, the aesthetics that inspire the draawing of an object.
    PARAFERNALIA asked for a pen that was unsellable, a courageous image. I started to work with what was HI-TECH at the time, that was to show the technical parts, the mechanism, the guts of the instrument (just like the Centre Pompidou – Beaubourg of that time) and design the shape of the fitting around it (just like Pininfarina was being asked to shape a Ferrari car around the powerful engines in order for it to perform efficiently). An innovative pen, entirely hand-made with 31 miniaturised metallic components and push mechanism just like the most complex race cars.
    The great innovative impact, the ultimate design and structure set apart who owns it.
    For this reason, the pen was called REVOLTION and with great astonishment to everyone, it revealled to be a great commerial success which, even today characterises the PARAFERNALIA brand.
    Revolution proposes itself today as a unique and contemporary writing object.

    Designer: Sergio Carpani


    As an extension of the standard collection, Pelikan launches the new series Souverän 405 silver-white. The bright but not cold silver and white colour shades underline the very distinctive interpretation of the true classic Souverän. The striped barrel is made of cellulose acetate. The characteristic double rings at the back of the barrel and on the cap are integrated into the material. This is done with the highest precision in order to obtain a virtual seamless transition between the materials. The completely rhodinized 14 carat gold nib matches the silver sheen of the other components. Even the silver-white barrel of the fountain pen and the upper-part of the ballpoint pen harmonize perfectly with the silver-white look.

    Every single writing instrument is mounted by hand and carefully checked to fulfill the strictest quality criteria. This series is delivered with a practical folding box. Additional gift boxes (G15) can be ordered separately. We also recommend our Edelstein Ink of the year 2020 Moonstone, a matching color. This new series in the very popular size 405 will be available as piston fountain pen and ballpoint pen with push mechanisim. All models of the series Souverän 405 silver-white will be part of the standard collection starting November 2020.

  • PELIKAN M251

    ELEGANCE Classic M251 Green/Black

    Nostalgia historical box
    Classic M251 - ink 4001® Royal Blue
    By popular demand the legendary M151 Green/Black is now proposed in a new dimension, that of the 200.
    The technical characteristics as well as the quality of the materials remain unchanged: the loading is plunger,
    the golden stainless steel nib,
    the pelican beak-shaped clip and the details are also golden to give an unmistakable elegance.
    The new M251 is presented in an exclusive "Nostalgia gift box" with an ancient and precious look,
    with the image of the first "Pelikan Gonther Wagner" logo from 1878 made in an original waxversion.
    The interior, clad in soft silk champagne rosé, houses a 4001® Royal Blue ink bottle.


    Pelikan M200 Pastel Green

    The morning dawns a new day with light fresh and softly colorful.
    So too, is the new color version of the Pelikan Classic 200 series in Pastel-Green.
    This semitransparent material completes the family of existing marbled-color versions but in a totally different appearance.
    The slightly transparent, pastel-green marbled texture of the material allows a glimpse into the inner working parts of each fountain pen.
    White resin parts and the gold-plated nib and trimmings, further complement and provide a well-balanced harmony between traditional and contemporary color shades and hues.

    The Pelikan 200 Pastel Green is available as fountain pen and ball pen with 24ct gold-plated clip and rings.
    The Pastel Green fountain pen has a gold plated stainless steel nib

    This beautiful new series is the perfect addition and sure to enhance every pen lovers collection.
    The new Pelikan 200 Pastel-Green series will touch the heart and is the ideal gift for that special person or even yourself.



    Classic 205 Moonstone

    Inspired by the gemstone Moonstone, this series gives the mystic aura of the moonstone an outline and transforms the fascinating sparkle into a writing instrument. The magic grey color reminds of moonlight rays and is sparkling as soon as the writing instrument comes in touch with the daylight. A special material combination realizes this unique effect and creates more than one shade of grey.

    The Series Classic 205 Moonstone will be available as a fountain pen with differential piston mechanism as well as a ballpoint pen with push mechanism. The fountain pen consists of a stainless steel nib and is available with the nib sizes EF, F, M or B to match each handwriting preferences. The ballpoint pen guarantees an easy handling.

    The gift set of fountain pen and Edelstein ink of the Year Moonstone is a perfect match!


  • PELIKAN 200 GOLD...

    Right for Christmas time, the popular Classic series 200 will sparkle in a very special glamour. The combination of goldmarbled barrel material and white elements gives a noble and graceful appearance to the writing instruments. The gold-marbeld material matches perfectly with the goldplated nib and the gold-plated decorative elements. The white parts are made of high quality resin that is first turned and then polished to a high sheen. The barrel with the gold-marbled design is made of acrylic material that was very carefully manufactured. All rings and the typical Pelikan clip are plated with 24 carat gold. The fountain pen with piston mechanism is equipped with a gold-plated stainless steel nib . The matching ballpoint pen has a pushbutton Every single writing instrument is mounted by hand and carefully checked to fulfill the strictest quality criteria. It is delivered in a specially designed G5 gift box which is taking up the golden color of the writing instrument making it a perfect gift item.



    Souverän® M1005 Stresemann

    Besides his impressive political career, the foreign minister of the German Weimarer Republic, Gustav Stresemann (1879-1929), also became famous for the creation of a new kind of suit. The classical Stresemann suit consists of black/grey striped trousers and a single row jacket in black or anthracite. The Souverän® of Pelikan is popularly known as „Stresemann“, that is why Pelikan named the Souverän® black-anthracite after Gustav Stresemann. After a successful market introduction of Souverän® series 405 and 805 Stresemann, Pelikan follows this success by launching the most exclusive model of the Souverän® line, the M1005 Stresemann. The elegant piston fountain pen is equipped with a 18 carat gold nib which is completely covered by rhodium to obtain a silver sheen. The barrel with the deceptively simple anthracite stripes is made of cellulose acetate, using a traditional process that is extremely work-intensive but gives this series its elegant character. The Souverän® M1005 Stresemann is delivered inside an attractive gift box (G15). As a matching color contrast we are recommending the beautiful Edelstein® Ink Flacon with Mandarin ink.


    This distinctive new fine writing instrument series will convince you and is a very extraordinary gift idea for a special person.
    These colours will brighten your day!
    The white parts are made of high-quality resin that is first turned and then polished to a high sheen.
    The barrel with the white and violet stripes is made of cellulose acetate that was very carefully manufactured and turned into a sleeve.
    All rings and the typical Pelikan clip are plated with 24 carat gold.
    The M600 Violet-White fountain pen with piston mechanism has a 14 carat bi-colour gold nib 
    Every single writing instrument is mounted by hand and carefully checked to fulfill the strictest quality criteria.
    The Pelikan Souverän® 600 Violet-White is encased in a specially designed gift box.

    As all the special edition, the Pelikan Souverän® 600 Violet-White will be available for a limited period of time!

  • PELIKAN M101N...


    Pelikan is adding another model to the successful historical M101N series, the M101N Grey-Blue.
    The technical base of this Pelikan fountain pen is the famous model M101N.
    The chosen color pattern in grey and blue reminds of a historical model of the 1930s.
    The barrel is made of the typical Pelikan cellulose acetate in a very unique pattern.
    Cap, front part and turning knob are made of high-quality resin that polishes itself time and again during use.
    The typical Pelikan beak clip and the decorative rings are plated with palladium.
    Together with the fully rhodanized 14 carat gold nib it gives this special edition an elegant silvery appearance.
    This Pelikan M101N Grey-Blue comes with an attractive gift box & one bottle of royal blue ink.
    Both feature a special historic motif, which makes the set a beautiful gift for every lover of the Pelikan brand.

    The Pelikan M101N Grey-Blue is available with the 14 carat gold nib 


    Ballpoint pen "Infinium Space Pen" chromium nitride aluminum with titanium color range.

    The only pen in the world guaranteed to write for many years without needing to be recharged. 

    The pen. Fisher Space Pen uses pressurized ink



    The Maison Caran d’Ache unveils the Ecridor Racing, the first writing instrument with an all-black look to be added to the Ecridor collection. Inspired by the sleek designs of the world of motor racing, this unapologetically modern ballpoint pen is yet another demonstration of the creative force that has powered the hundred-year history of the company.

    The Ecridor Racing boasts a range of motifs from motor sports: a body in matte deep black decorated with engraving inspired by radiator grills, palladium-plated outlines, vivid flashes of red, and a purring engine, ready to carry you across 600 sheets of A4. 

    Swiss made from its initial design through to its creation in Swiss workshops, the Ecridor Racing is a distinctive model, assertive in its masculinity.

    Type of writing instrument:

    • Ballpoint pen
    • Dimensions: length 128 mm & diameter 8 mm


    • Brass body
    • Black chrome coating
    • Sand finish for matte-style effect
    • Hexagonal body
    • Machine-cut guillochage inspired by the radiator grills of racing cars
    • Hand-applied red lacquer on two edges inspired by brake lights
    • Caran d’Ache logo laser-engraved on the push-button


    • Push-button mechanism with high precision ensuring exceptional writing comfort

    Clip and button:

    • Bright palladium-plated push button
    • Palladium-plated flexible clip

    Cartridges and refills:

    • Equipped with the famous giant Goliath cartridge in medium black, covering 600 A4 pages of handwriting
    • Compatible with all type of Goliath cartridges

    Caran d'Ache 849 Claim Your Style

    Caran d’Ache will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of its iconic 849 ballpoint pen in the upcoming year.
    The Geneva-based Maison is kicking off celebrations by unveiling the Caran d'Ache limited edition Claim Your Style collection, which breaks new ground with its six exclusive models, each boasting a colourful finish.

    A Caran d’Ache ballpoint pen to suit your style!
    The 849 Claim Your Style collection offers six brightly coloured models.
    This limited edition collection offers everyone an opportunity to choose a Caran d’Ache pen that reflects his or her individual style and personality.
    Write up your travel memoirs, sketch out a new fashion collection, record your thoughts and ideas – the possibilities are endless!
    The six chic models in the Claim Your Style collection confirm Caran d’Ache ballpoint pen’s position as an icon.
    This limited edition collection debuts coloured clips and buttons, which once again demonstrate how the Maison’s spirit for innovation can overcome any technical challenge.
    Owning a ballpoint pen from the Claim Your Style collection shows the world who you are.

    Type of writing instrument: Ballpoint pen
    Body: Light and robust hexagonal aluminium body - The words ‘Limited Edition’ printed on one face
    Ink cartridges and refills: Comes with a Caran d’Ache Goliath M blue ink cartridge
    Product pros: Swiss made, coloured finish, unique design
    Packaging: Slimpack decorated with a circle displaying the 849 model’s colour.


    The original Sheaffer clickable clip is back!  Sheaffer revived a popular invention with the new Reminder ballpoint pen. A master of design ingenuity, it features the Sheaffer clickable clip that was first introduced in the 1960s.  Simply click the bottom of the clip to propel and activate the ballpoint, and click the top when you’re finished writing to lock the tip into the retracted position. The smart design prevents the clip from attaching to a pocket, lapel or sheets of paper whenever the writing tip is activated. So it guards against contact with even a hint of ink – reminding you to click it before you clip it.

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