Leonardo Officina Italiana

And the story goes on ... A family tradition. Leonardo is a forge, a laboratory where experience and craftsmanship are mixed giving life to "pleasure", the pleasure of writing.

Over 45 years of experience in the field of writing instruments, handed down from father to son, from generation to generation.

Today Leonardo ...

Leonardo Officina Italiana

And the story goes on ... A family tradition. Leonardo is a forge, a laboratory where experience and craftsmanship are mixed giving life to "pleasure", the pleasure of writing.

Over 45 years of experience in the field of writing instruments, handed down from father to son, from generation to generation.

Today Leonardo Officina Italiana works on emotional and vintage projects, taking up the old loading systems, the materials and the working techniques that once characterized the craft of the craftsman.

The Leonardo pens have a soul, a human warmth that only passion can give.

The fountain pen carved into the material is certainly this detail that differentiates us on the world market.

Each Leonardo pen collection is manually obtained in Italy, exclusively at our company.

Exclusive and selected materials, celluloid, ebonite, wood, special resins, bronze and precious metal, always with a vintage imprint.

The material is processed in a dedicated manner, for example Celluloid is first cut into small cylinders and drilled in the center, after which it is left to "rest" a few months and then the modeling process begins, after various quality checks we start with polishing, assembly.

In some cases, being a "raw" material it is necessary to use a special drying oven.

Even the ebonite and resins are subjected to dedicated treatments to last over time, forever, to be passed down from generation to generation.

Assistance and warranty: All the collections of the Leonardo Italian workshop are guaranteed for life against any manufacturing defect.

Technical assistance and repairs are carried out at the official headquarters.


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    The new "Furore" collection is inspired by a magical place, where land and sea meet: our land and our origins: a corner of the Amalfi Coast, an enchantment that inspires purity and simplicity.


    The color references inspired by the reflections of the sea at the "Grotta dello Smeraldo" or the "Fiordo di Furore", the bright colors of the Ceramics that characterize the decorations of the coast and then again the intense red of the berries, the bright sun and the white sharp of salt. "Furore" is all of this.


    A vintage shape inspired by the past, soft at both ends, well balanced even open and with a hood shod on the back. Bronze clip with rotating washer for easy insertion into the pocket. Supplied with screw converter with custom metal capsule.


    Steel nibs 



    "Furore" pen size

    - pen length closed: 145mm

    - open pen length (cap fitted on the back): 158mm

    - cap length only: 65mm

    - body length only (with nib): 130mm

    - maximum diameter: 15.2mm

    - minimum diameter: 4mm

    - handle diameter: 10.5mm

    - pen weight closed: 25g

    - body weight only: 18.6g


    Leonardo Officina Italiana Momento Zero Resin

    MomentoZero collection, A new beginning.
    Positivity and desire to start with a great enthusiasm driven by passion and experience forty years for writing instruments.
    A collection inspired by the Italian vintage known in the world, well balanced in size and in metal details.
    The numbered version is proposed using a special resin of Horn color, Positano blue and Matt Black, strictly hand-turned by solid bar.
    Filling system with custom converter (supplied).
    Harmonic steel nib 

    Pen dimension:
    - Lenght closed: 142 mm.
    - Lenght without cap: 129 mm.
    - Length opened with cap: 170 mm.
    - Max diameter: 15,3 mm


    It is a very ambitious project that unites 2 realities linked to the world of pens, Leonardo Officina Italiana and Jonathon Brooks one of the authors of the most eccentric and original resins in the world that unites many fans and collectors.

    Leonardo asked Jonathon to make about 140 bars of 20cm of special resin mixing more than six pigments creating a real explosion of color, from these we managed to obtain 100 pens in total:
    • 50 Stromboli, mainly green, yellow, cyan resin up to orange / red, purple etc.
    • 50 Vesuvius, with warmer colors, red / purple, orange, a small percentage of blue.

    The color of each single fountain pen is totally different from each other, this makes it unique.

    Same design as the MZ Grande piston 2020, designed and produced in our workshops (1.5ml capacity), ebonite feed and 14kt gold nib. The metal parts are only available in white rhodium.

    The fountain pen case contains a 40 ml bottle of ink.
    The collection is limited but not numbered.

    Leonardo Momento Zero GRANDE PRIMARY MANIPULATION RESIN - Details:
    Brand: Leonardo
    Model: Momento Zero
    Version: Stromboli - Vesuvio
    Type: Fountain pen
    Nib:14K gold nib available in EF,F,M,B, STUB 1.3 mm, MUSIC (B-BBB) ed ELASTIC (flessibile)
    Filling system: Piston
    Lenght closed: 15,00 cm
    Lenght capped: 17,18 mm.
    Lenght uncapped: 13,3 cm.
    Weight: 35,3 grams


    Leonardo Momento Zero Grande 2.0 is an evolution of the well-known Momento Zero Grande series. A new fountain pen that shares same sizes with Momento Zero Grande but with a new ink window located on the grip section and not visible when the pen is capped.

    As for the previous series, Leonardo Momento Zero Grande 2.0 features a piston filler mechanism with 1.5 ml ink capacity. It is completely made in Italy in the Leonardo workshops and can be disassembly with a special wrench (Leonardo Piston Tool) sold separately.

    Leonardo Momento Zero Grande 2.0 Anemone comes with a spaghetti blue and rhodium trim. It is equipped by the new steel nib from Leonardo Officina Italiana that is available in EF, F, M, B and 1.5 Stub.


    The new Leonardo Tredici (13) is available in 2 colors: Hawaii and Arlecchino.
    13 was the lucky number in the Italian football pools (Totocalcio).
    The Italian expression "fare tredici" (literally, "make thirteen") means to hit the jackpot
    The shape of the Tredici (13) is tridecagonal!
    The metal parts are available in silver and yellow gold for aboth the resins.
    Gold Jowo #6 nib available in EF, F, M, B, Stub 1.1mm and Elastic EF and F
    Ebonite conductor.
    Filling system: Piston

    Pen dimension:
    - Lenght closed: 142 mm.
    - Lenght without cap: 129 mm.
    - Length opened with cap: 170 mm.
    - Max diameter: 15,3 mm


    After a long wait and a lot of experimentation today we present the new fountain pen with a piston filling system designed and produced in our workshops, 1.5 ml load capacity. We have characterized the pen body with a transparent window in which you can control the ink level, the window length is 10mm then allows you to see very well the inside of the body. 

    Another element that characterizes the Momento magico is the possibility of completely disassemble the pen body, caseback, piston and feed/nib.

    The cap is characterized by the central band perforated with a detail of the decorations belonging to the period known in the history of art as "geometric art" and therefore means the production of decorations of Greek civilization between 900 and 700 BC, which takes its name from term traditionally used for ceramics, production of the same period.

    Gold nib 

  • Leonardo Momento...

    Leonardo Momento Magico DNA

    The new Magico "DNA" is the new Leonardo proposal by combining together the classic Orange and Black resins.
    The naming "DNA" comes from our territory, from our roots: the incandescent Orange of the lava that covered our cities and the black of ours land, the dark land that surrounds us and welcomes us.
    Transparent gray window to check the level of ink present in the barrel, clip with washer in perfect vintage style and in this case the addition of the real central metal engraved with a three-dimensional pantograph depicts a completely new pattern: The curves recall the handles of Roman amphorae, the amphorae in ancient Rome contained water, wine, magic potions and precious liquids. Today our fountain pen contains magic, our magic liquid is the ink that becomes history, tale and our daily life. 

    Leonardo Momento Magico DNA - details:
    - Brand: Leonardo Officina Italiana
    - Model: Momento Magico
    - Edition: DNA
    - Type: Fountain pen
    - Material: Orange and Black resin
    - Piston with huge filling capacity, 1,5ml

    Leonardo New Momento DNA - dimension:
    - Length: 145mm
    - Body length: 132mm (nib included)
    - Cap length: 67mm
    - Uncapped:169mm
    - Pen weight inkless: 23.8g
    - Trasparent window lenght: 10mm
    - Diameter cap: 15,4mm
    - Diameter grip section: 10,9mm
    · Produced in black and orange resin

  • Leonardo Art Dèco 2021

    Leonardo Officina Italiana Art Dèco 2021 Limited edition

    Dopo l'incredibile successo dell’Art Dèco edizione 2019 l’azienda italiana Leonardo ripropone un remake cambiando la veretta con decoro geometrico invece del precedente motivo a Greca.
    Il motivo Geometrico racchiude un'anima europea e vintage anni 30, una rappresentazione di questa epoca d’oro eseguita con la raffinata arte del Guilloché, una tecnica artigiana che racchiude esperienza e tradizione.

    Di forma e dimensioni identiche alla Momento Zero Grande, la Art Dèco mostra tutta la sua bellezza ricordando in qualche modo le penne vintage.
    Il meccanismo a pistone prodotto dalla Leonardo, offre un enorme capacità di carico e la possibilità di smontaggio per la manutenzione ed il lavaggio interno, questo grazie al Tool, questa volta incluso nella confezione.

    Leonardo Art Déco 2021 - dettagli:
    Marca: Leonardo
    Modello: Momento Zero Grande
    Edizione: Art Dèco 2021
    Materiale: ebanite Giapponese
    Finiture: Dorate / Rodiate
    Veretta: Decorazione con motivo Geometrico eseguita con la tecnica del Guilloché
    Dettagli: parti metalliche decorate con pantografo tridimensionale
    Alimentatore: in ebanite nera
    Pennino:  #6 in oro
    Colori:Nero intenso, Blu cobalto, Rosso carminio e Terracotta.
    Edizione limitata: 100 stilografiche per colore, numerata lateralmente al corpo penna 001/100.

    Leonardo Art Déco 2021 - dimension:
    Lunghezza da chiusa: 15,00 cm
    Lunghezza da aperta con cappuccio inserito: 17,18 mm.
    Lunghezza da aperta con senza cappuccio: 13,3 cm.
    Peso: 38,6 grammi
    Capacità inchiostro: 1,5 ml.

    Ink capacity: 1,5 ml.


    Leonardo Mosaico Collection

    The material: spaghetti resin, Italian production new* concept the horizontal cut of the slab gives life to a real mosaic, the result is a squared side texture, while on the front (clip side) and rear side a texture is visible that I would define "ringed Arco". 

    Leonardo Mosaico Collection - details:
    Brand: Leonardo
    Model: Mosaico
    Italian production, numbered and not limited 
    Filling system: Piston filler huge capacity (Possibility of maintenance with our wrench)
    Colors: 3 different colors: Mosaico Chiaroscuro, Hawaii and Mango 
    Trim: Metal parts decorated with three-dimensional pantograph available in palladium or gold. 
    The nib: 
    Steel nib and ABS 

    The package of the "Mosaico" fountain pen includes a bottle of ink.

    Leonardo Mosaico Collection - dimension
    Closed length - 154mm
    Open length - 138mm
    Posted cap length - 175mm
    Body diameter - 16/11,5mm
    Section diameter - 13/11mm
    Pen weight:  33 grams


    The return of the "DolceVita"

    About ten years have passed since Delta closed and the DolceVita, the pen with the red horn hidden inside the clasp,
    a symbol of excellence against misfortune, left the market. But it is in this February 2022 that Officina Leonardo has decided to give new life to the pen! Today the legendary “DolceVita” is available again! In the classic colors of the past: black, orange, blue and red with
    black hood! Fountain pen with double cartridge or converter filling system

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