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  • M.E.C


    The M & C brand is deposited in Geneva in 1956 and marketed as the European Common Market Clock. The passion for the Giovagnoni family's flight was realized in the 90's with the implementation of models of military watches with a strong aesthetic impact. Great readability, waterproof cases, bright quadrants, durable straps well represent the slogan of the MEC "PROTECT JOUR TIME" that invites to protect their time and to guarantee their freedom. The M and C models are designed to leave a mark, just like the bargaining business that our watches are dedicated to.



    The history of a brand that cleverly mixes old Scottish traditions with the 21st century commercial culture. In today's products, Dalvey adds to the secular handicraft experience an extraordinary design and high precision in design, demonstrating how creativity combined with commitment can lead to a successful company, a company that echoes the melodies of Scottish cornamuses ...

    Founded in 1879, this company has solid traditions of perfection, craftsmanship and precision; It produces cornamuses, using precious materials such as ebony, ivory and silver. It is detected by the current one

    owner Sir Patrick Grant, 14th Dalvey Baronet, who begins a diversification strategy by creating gift items for man. Today, Dalvey products are unique. Quality, ingenuity

    coupled with a decisive style are the trademark of a whole series of articles supported by a service standard not second to anyone.

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items