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  • Furniture


    Handmade furniture or handholds.

    From 12 to 24-36 seats, in root with alcantara interior and mulled glass. Furniture on request is also available

  • Crystal


    SAINTGOBAIN Crystal Desk Complements such as Pen Holders (Stylophores), Sparticarts, Ashtray and Drying Pads.

  • Cufflinks


  • Desk Services


    In the time span of our history, Stilo Fetti has furnished the most important offices in the city such as the table of the President of the Republic, prime ministers, magistrates and high prelates and practitioners.

    The desk furniture is made with first-choice calves tanned with aniline and vegetable.

  • Dalvey


    The history of a brand that cleverly mixes old Scottish traditions with the 21st century commercial culture. In today's products, Dalvey adds to the secular handicraft experience an extraordinary design and high precision in design, demonstrating how creativity combined with commitment can lead to a successful company, a company that echoes the melodies of Scottish cornamuses ...

    Founded in 1879, this company has solid traditions of perfection, craftsmanship and precision; It produces cornamuses, using precious materials such as ebony, ivory and silver. It is detected by the current one

    owner Sir Patrick Grant, 14th Dalvey Baronet, who begins a diversification strategy by creating gift items for man. Today, Dalvey products are unique. Quality, ingenuity

    coupled with a decisive style are the trademark of a whole series of articles supported by a service standard not second to anyone.

  • Faber Castell


    The GRAF VON FABER-CASTELL desk accessories, thanks to their clean and essential design, fit perfectly into any environment and are at the same time indispensable items.

  • Pen Holder Base

    Table pen holders with ballpoint pens, fountain pens with gold or steel nibs for table bases

  • HMM

    Fine writing instruments for Office that are distinguished by perfection and culture of details that make them unique.
    Selected materials combined great craftsmanship make these objects of timeless classics, able to beautify daily life.

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Showing 1 - 9 of 26 items