In 1919, in a Turin marked by the First World War, but driven by strong desire for recovery, Aurora was born, the first tank pen factory in Italy. An emblematic name, a message of hope and a symbol of rebirth: The dawn of a new day in Italian history and culture. It is the beginning of a production of...



In 1919, in a Turin marked by the First World War, but driven by strong desire for recovery, Aurora was born, the first tank pen factory in Italy. An emblematic name, a message of hope and a symbol of rebirth: The dawn of a new day in Italian history and culture. It is the beginning of a production of the unique style that, handed down in generations, unites wisely, today as a time fine craftsmanship, technique and precious materials. From the rich cultural heritage of Aurora and its long tradition, small masterpieces are recognized throughout the world: concrete examples of the most refined Made in Italy


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    Visconti Homo Sapiens Florentine Hills

    The Limited edition fountain pen Visconti Homo Sapiens Florentine Hills is a limited edition of only 1,000 pens available worldwide, each one bearing its own individual item number.
    The Visconti Florentine Hills is a partially clear demonstrator
    The filling system is Visconti's Double Reservoir Power Filler allowing the entire barrel to be filled with ink and of course due to the clear barrel the contents are visible.
    There is a translucent cap, section and end in a deep green colour and the highly polished acrylic has ribbons of brown and green colours flowing through it.
    The trims is 925 Sterling Silver.
    The nib is Visconti's fabulous Dreamtouch 23ct palladium and is available in Extrafine,Fine,Medium and Broad.


    We got inspired by the beauty of the Tuscan land with its splendid hills and fields of wheat to create the Homo Sapiens Tuscan Hills, a collection that tells a story of the encounter between the essence of modern man and the beauty of the surrounding nature. The green and brown veins on the body of the pen reflect the variety of colours of the enchanting Tuscan landscape and the play of shadows created on the ground by the orderly rows of cypresses, the undisputed protagonists of the hills

    Our master craftsmen have recreated in the acrylic resin the game of lights and shadows of the Tuscan landscape by mixing swirls of green and brown. The pens are made and polished in our Visconti workshop. Because the pen is a Demonstrator model and therefore see-through in parts, all the resin components have to be minutely and manually polished both on the outside and the inside with little felt polishing tools. The Homo Sapiens Tuscan Hills pen uses the patented Visconti hook safe capping mechanism. All the pen’s metal parts are made in silver.

    Material: Acrylic resin

    Colors: Green and brown

    Writing system: Fountain pen – Rollerball Nib: 18 kt gold (palladium plated)

    Filling system: Fountain pen – Power Filler Double Reservoir Rollerball – Refill A40

    Closing system: Hook safe lock Box: Dedicated box

    Clip: Laser engraved Visconti Logo

    Trims: Silver /palladium plated

    Limited Edition: 888


    Visconti Portofino Limited Edition

    Italy has over 7.500 km of beautiful coastlines with historical sea places: the culture of sea come from ancient times.
    Roman empire used to call the Mediterranean Sea as "Mare Nostrum ".
    Moreover, so many sea explorers were Italian; we just remind Amerigo Vespucci, Cristoforo Colombo, Da Verrazzano.
    Portofino is a beautiful small village and harbor in Liguria, in the north coast of Mediterranean sea.
    Portofino is a trendy sea place where fashion and high-end shops meet boats and sea gears.
    Several important sailing regattas take place in Portofino Visconti has always combined its style creativity, the taste for color and the attention to the details, the use of unusual materials, which are part of Visconti' high-end traditional craftsmanship.
    The pen celebrates a nice Italian sea place as well as the passion for the sea and its sports, most of all sailing.
    The pens stand as a sign of Visconti's capabilities as well as of owner's personality.

    The Visconti Portofino pen has a screw closing system which makes it very easy to open and close; differently from the normal snap system it does not become loose with the time being.
    The pen aims to recall the luxury feelings of Italian vintage boats: by use of typical nautical materials such as stainless steel and teak wood.
    The wooden body is enriched with a thin metallic frame which has lacquered details, while the cap is decorated with two metal rings and enamel.
    The clip is unique to Visconti and reveals the origin of the brand as it takes inspiration from the Ponte Vecchio in Florence.

    Visconti Portofino - technical features:
    Stilografica with 23 kt Palladium 950 Dreamtouch, Two Tones (PD, Au),
    Materials: Acciaio, Argento, teak
    Filing system: Power Filler
    Trims: rose gold plated
    Portofino is a limited edition of only 888 pens worldwide


    Visconti Homo Sapiens Demo Stones

    Visconti presents a new edition of the Homo Sapiens collection inspired by the beauty of the colored gemstones!

    Seductive transparencies and harmonious proportions meet the iconic design of the Homo Sapiens collection. Our continuous research has led us to ask: can matter be ethereal?
    The answer is in the new Homo Sapiens Demo Stones pen. Its true power is born out of its natural encounter with light, which gives life to its transparency, density, splendour and fluidity.
    For the colours of the Homo Sapiens Demo Stones collection, we were inspired by the beauty of the most sought-after coloured gems.
    Emerald for dark green, sapphire for deep blue and ruby for intense red. Rubies, sapphires and emeralds have been admired for their rich colours for thousands of years.

    Visconti Homo Sapiens Demo Stones - TECHNIQUES & MATERIALS
    Each Demo Stones fountain pen is designed, made and polished in the Visconti Florentine workshop.
    The barrel and cap are made in fine acrylic resin and carefully hand-polished, both inside and out, with special felt tools, to guarantee an excellent result.
    This process requires all the skill and expertise of our most experienced craftsmen.
    Our ability to make beautiful demonstrator pens is renowned around the world.
    We have set ourselves the challenge of making perfection visible. Transparency is not purely an aesthetic choice, but also a way to reveal the beating heart of our demonstrator pen.
    In the "Demo Stones" edition, the semi-transparent colours reveal the soul of this exceptional writing instrument: the Power Filler Double Reservoir filling system, patented by Visconti in 1998.

    The new Homo Sapiens Demo Stones collection is enriched by coloured stones placed on the pen cap: green agate, blue agate and carnelian stone emulate the three inspirational gem colours of the pen’s body. In addition, the pen can be personalised with "My Pen System" magnets at the bottom of the barrel.
    The bridge clip of the Demo Stones rollerball pen is engraved with the Visconti logo and embellished with a tone on tone enamel.
    The band on the barrel is engraved with the collection’s name: "Homo Sapiens".

    Visconti Homo Sapiens Demo Stones - Details:
    Brand: Visconti
    Model: Homo sapiens:
    Serie: HS Demo Stones
    Material: Acrylic resin
    Colors: Ruby (red), Emerald (green), Sapphire (blue)
    Nib: 14 kt gold nib - large (palladium color)
    Writing system: Fountain Pen
    Closing system: Hook safe lock
    Clip: Laser Engraved Visconti Logo
    Trims: Silver / Palladium plated
    DIAMETER CAP 16,3 mm
    DIAMETER BODY 14,3mm
    LENGTH (CLOSED) 148 (mm)
    LENGTH (OPEN without cap) 131 (mm)
    Fountain Pen WEIGHT (gr.) : 39,4



    Christopher Sholes and co. patented a first version of the keyboard featuring letters arranged in alphabetical order in 1864. When Sholes and his partners signed a contract with Remington in 1873 to build the first typewriter, the key layout was completely different and was named Qwerty after the sequence of the first six letters on the top row. There are several theories as to why this change took place, but the most widely accepted is that the telegraphers, interpreters of Morse code, helped to reformulate the keyboard in the way that worked best for them.
    The Qwerty fountain pen is a new limited edition. It comes equipped with a double reservoir and 18kt nib and is made with special manufacturing techniques and prestigious materials.
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