Founded in Hamburg in 1906, by businessman Claus-Johannes Voss, banker Alfred Nehemias and engineer August Eberstein, the company was originally called "Simplo Filler Pen Company", a pen manufacturer. In 1909, the first writing instrument of the newborn baby is called "Rouge et noir". The pen's body is black, softened by a red touch on the ti...


Founded in Hamburg in 1906, by businessman Claus-Johannes Voss, banker Alfred Nehemias and engineer August Eberstein, the company was originally called "Simplo Filler Pen Company", a pen manufacturer. In 1909, the first writing instrument of the newborn baby is called "Rouge et noir". The pen's body is black, softened by a red touch on the tip of the hood, the loading system is basically the one used by the US company Moore for which Eberstein had worked. For these aesthetic features, the pen earns the red cappuccetta nickname. In 1913, analogy was perfected, and the white cap of the hood turned into a white six-pointed round star, taken as the icon of the mountain top. The result is a logo that has since become a never-abandoned trait that has undoubtedly contributed to the brand's affirmation. In 1924, following a review of its production that was divided into several quality bands, Montblanc began using the Meisterstück brand (masterpiece) to indicate its highest end pens, also adopting the 4810 marking with reference to of the height of Mont Blanc. In 1992 Montblanc launched the first pen numbered LORENZO DEI MEDICI, continuing production until today.  


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    OEvery year since 1992, the limited edition Writers Edition pays tribute to the most famous international authors. His works have marked whole generations of readers and still earn a strong interest today


    Montblanc, honors the world of "Big Characters": men and women who, with their influence, have left a mark in history. 


    Montblanc, pays tribute to the world of the "Great Characters",
    that have inflected the world of history, distinguishing themselves in many areas:
    Culture, politics without, music and art. Handcrafted by master craftsmen and available
    limited exclusive editions. These writing instruments commemorate the character of these
    unique characters and the legacy they left.


    To pay homage to the most important patrons of the culture and art of the ages past, which deserve a broad recognition for their commitment and for the results achieved. Since 1992, these hand-written instruments of writing are presented every year. The run is limited to 4,810 specimens. A second edition, even more precious, is limited to 888 specimens.


    Le Petit Prince. The cap, milled with a fox face pattern, reveals a sentence from the Le Petit Prince book and is crowned with the iconic emblem. The central ring of the three platinum-coated rings features the Montblanc brand name and the clip is embellished with a yellow lacquered star.


    The Meisterstück Le Petit Prince LeGrand Fountain Pen in dark brown precious resin is linked to the aviator aesthetic. The cap reveals a sentence from the Le Petit Prince book and is crowned with the iconic emblem. The central ring of the three platinum-coated rings features the Montblanc brand name and the clip is embellished with a yellow lacquered star.The writing instrument is finished with a hand-crafted Au585 / 14 K nib garnished with the Petit Prince's sheep drawing, a symbol of the bonding between the two characters.


    Montblanc Le Petit Prince and Planet special edition

    Few pieces of writing have captured the imaginations of both adults and children like Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s Le Petit Prince.
    Through the allegorical encounter between a crashed pilot and the otherworldly prince, Saint-Exupéry gently invites us to look deeper inside our hearts. Supplementing the previous topics of friendship and mentorship, the third and last series of the Meisterstück Le Petit Prince Special Edition collection affirms the importance of fostering a nurturing relationship with our planet and environment – the home in which we live and the place where relationships bloom.

    The way the prince takes care of his tiny home, asteroid B 612, weeding out bad seeds and protecting his beloved rose, is a timely reminder for us to cherish our own fragile planet. Saint-Exupéry shares his Le Petit Prince philosophy with us using subtle examples of nurture and care. That’s why the iconic Meisterstück, a precious treasure that can be handed down from one generation to the next, along with the ideas, memories and the lessons it bears, is our ode to the transmission of this wisdom. The wisdom of love The three Meisterstück Le Petit Prince editions embody the unforgettable parables featuring the fox, the aviator and the prince’s planet, teaching us that what truly matters in life is creating meaningful connections, fostering creativity and nurturing love.

    The polished burgundy-coloured precious resin on the cap and barrel of the Meisterstück Le Petit Prince Precious Resin Le Grand and Meisterstück Le Petit Prince Precious Resin Classique references the prince’s beloved rose.
    The handcrafted 14ct gold nib of the fountain pen features a design of the prince weeding his planet - a symbol of love expressed through caring for others.
    The clip of every edition is adorned with a lacquered gold-coloured star, a reference to Le Petit Prince’s advice to remember his laugh by simply looking at the stars above.
    The cap of each writing instrument is etched with the expressive words of the fox: “On ne voit bien qu’avec le coeur” (“One sees clearly only with the heart”).
    Each Meisterstück Le Petit Prince edition reaffirms the belief that writing is a gift, passed on with a positive message, just like the ideas, dreams and lessons Le Petit Prince has been sharing with us for over 75 years.


    The Montblanc Donation Pen Collection is honouring world-famous classical musicians of the past decades. The Donation Pen supports carefully selected cultural projects from pioneering artists the world over with a donation of 20 euros per fountain pen and 10 euros per ballpoint or rollerball. This year's edition pays tribute to George Gershwin, an American composer and pianist. The clip is in the shape of a clarinet - a tribute to the clarinet opening from Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue". Another tribute to "Rhapsody in Blue" is the ink window which features a blue colour. The cap ring is inspired by the Brooklyn Bridge to symbolise the close relationship George Gershwin had with his place of birth. The cap and barrel are made out of black precious resin combined with platinum-coated fittings. The special gift box additionally contains three prints of the Brooklyn Bridge.


    Both Forge de Laguiole and Montblanc are steeped in tradition. The Masters for Meisterstück L’ Aubrac Special Edition is a tribute to the finest master craftsmen and their almost fastidious love of artistry.

    The famous small rivets, synonymous with the traditional knife handle, have been carefully embellished on the barrel. A historical Laguiole pattern is finely engraved on the rings enhancing the polish of the precious grenadilla wood. Grenadilla is considered to be the finest of all turnery timbers, cutting most exactly and finishing to a brilliant waxed surface. The clip is platinum-plated while the fittings are carefully made in sterling silver. The Montblanc emblem, in mother-of-pearl and the 18 K gold nib round off this Special Edition.

    The Masters for Meisterstück Collections are a series of Editions that pay tribute to the paradigm of excellence of the Meisterstück, as well as to the visionary traditions of other master craftsmen and their long-standing dedication to product excellence. The Collections draw on the wealth of expertise handed down over the years from one generation to the next. The Masters for Meisterstück L’Aubrac brings together the quintessential expertise of Montblanc, as the Maison of exquisite Writing Instruments and Forge de Laguiole, whose products are the epitome of traditional French quality knives. The result is masterpieces of exceptional artistry that carefully interpret the spirit and principles of the archetypes that made them possible.


    Montblanc Heritage Egyptomania

    Montblanc’s new Heritage Egyptomania collection of writing instruments features design and authentic hieroglyphics from ancient Egypt.
    The newest Heritage collection is the Montblanc Heritage Egyptomania writing instrument that offers a modern take on the century-old classic fountain pen.
    The design elements of the pens were created in partnership with an expert in Egyptology.

    The Montblanc Egyptomania is available as a ballpoint pen, roller and fountain pen.

    The Heritage Egyptomania is decorated with a set of authentic hieroglyphics that translate into the word “Montblanc” with the symbols translating to “white stone mountain.”
    The Black Heritage Egyptomania Resin is fitted with a 14K gold nib.
    Filling system: Piston
    The octagonal cap and barrel are finished in precious black resin with authentic hieroglyphics and vintage gold-coated trims.
    The hieroglyphics are taken from a passage of the “Book of the Dead” of Hunefer, a royal scribe who lived during the 19th century (1300 B.C).


    Fascinated by the evolving transport possibilities of the Victorian era, Jules Verne wrote Around the World in Eighty Days in 1872, and it was translated into English in 1973. In the novel, Phileas Fogg bets his entire fortune that he can depart from London by train at 8.45 pm on 2 October, travel the world via Suez, Bombay, Hong Kong, Yokohoma, San Francisco, New York, and finish in the same place, at the same time, on 21 December. Jumping from steamers to trains – and at one point, an elephant – Fogg proves that almost anything is possible when one’s mind is set on something.

    To celebrate the pioneering spirit of Phileas Fogg, Montblanc presents the new Montblanc Meisterstück Around The World in 80 Days collection, comprising of the Le Grande & Classique, Doué and Solitaire editions.

    The new Meisterstück Around The World in 80 Days Le Grand & Classique brings to life the fantastical story of Phileas Fogg’s world circumnavigation. Reflecting Fogg’s journey across vast stretches of water by steamboat, the cap and barrel are made of blue precious resin with an engraved wave pattern. Fogg’s favourite pastime while aboard the steamboats, playing Whist, is also memorialised by the decorative card suit symbols.

    A bestselling novel in its day, Around the World in Eighty Days conveys the excitement and optimism surrounding the new possibilities of travel, due to the many technological innovations of the industrial age. The Meisterstück Around The World in 80 Days Doué Edition honours these new innovations that made Fogg’s journey possible. A metal cap featuring a cartouche engraved with the steamboat floats above the blue translucent lacquer of the barrel, the subtle gradient effect of the lacquer bringing to life a vision of seas and oceans.

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